An upgraded ROSSI HK416 DEVGRU Red is shown here by OGA Forces... "We bring you the review of our HK416 Devgru model of the ROSSI brand first generation, but upgraded by @lacuevadeltactical and we tell you the before and after of a FullCucumber !! We are very grateful to 'AventuraMonegrosTT' for leaving us their facilities to take this video with a great landscape."

ROSSI M249 LMG Lightweight Edition


A review of the ROSSI M249 LMG Lightweight Edition by Hunter Airsoft which reminds of us of another M249 lightweight AEG being sold by another company. Some will think they come from the same OEM... "We’ll come back with the review videos and talk about the support machine gun category for the first time. It is an Airsoft of excellent construction, classic among SAW operators. Leave your video suggestions and questions in the comments."

Action Adventure: ROSSI Neptune AEGs


Brazilian airsoft company ROSSI has a compact PDW AEG that Action Adventure presents in this video. Machine translated from Brazilian Portuguese... "In today's video we will bring the feeling that it is stealing the heart of the snipers who love a CBQ! This is an AEG airsoft rifle imported by Rossi, a company known worldwide as a symbol of quality and performance. The M4 AR15 Neptune model is a replica inspired by an American rifle, designed in the early 1984s.

ROSSI M24 Storm Airsoft Sniper Rifle


Loja da Carabina (Carbine Shop) shows the new ROSSI M24 Storm Airsoft Sniper Rifle as the Brazilian company expands its offerings... "M24 Storm! The new Sniper Rossi on the market! With 400fps and a range of 50 meters, it has a nylon fiber body, being super resistant! It has a 90 degree trigger, bucking vsr-10 and an iron cylinder. It has a 20mm rail at the bottom and top as well, for use with a telescope. Magazine with capacity for up to 23BBs."

Rossi Neptune 5.5 PDW At Patriotas Airsoft


Brazilian airsoft retailer go the new Rossi Neptune 5.5 PDW AEG available at their store and here is their take on this homegrown airsoft gun... "Patriots Airsoft has arrived to announce the most coveted Rifle on the Airsoft market! The AR15 Neptune PDW 556 caliber Rifle.

Many of you may already know that this wonder is one of the most sought after by Airsoft operators.

It was all elaborated by the manufacturer Rossi.

ROSSI AR15 Neptune PDW AEG Review


Another review of the ROSSI AR15 Neptune PDW AEG done by who else? ROSSI!... "Watch the full review of Rossi's new airsoft rifle, model AR15 Neptune PDW. A novelty that Rossi brought to Brazil and that will soon be available in the store closest to you! Ideal equipment for use in CQB with 5.5 inches of handguard (M-lok style). Complete product that comes from the factory with a spring loaded roller guide with quick spring change, electronic trigger, and much more.

Amadeo Rossi 1911 GBB Pistol Review & Gameplay


The BlackHawks Airsoft Team checks out the Amadeo Rossi 1911 GBB Pistol. We assume this is the Rossi "Redwings" 1911 GBB Pistol as this is the only model available from the Brazilian company. Compatible with Tokyo Marui and KJ Works 1911s, this is available at airsoft retailers in Europe now... "In this video we talk about Amadeo Rossi's 1911, a very good quality secondary replica with a good price."

Gunfire Instant Airsoft Features The ROSSI RedWings Pistols


A very quick presentation on the RedWings Blowback Pistols from Brazilian company, ROSSI by Gunfire... "Rossi RedWings pistols have a blow-back recoil system and all are equipped with such features as a RIS / Picatinny mounting rail, a skeleton hammer or an ambidextrous safety switch. An interesting addition in the box is a set of internal parts that allow you to adjust the gun to CO2 propulsion."

ROSSI AR15 Neptune Keymod 10" AEG


Lages Airsoft checks out the AR15 Neptune KeyMod 10" AEG from the newcomer in the airsoft market, ROSSI of Brazil... "The ROSSI AR15 Neptune 10-inch. Keymod is finished in metal and nylon. It is a Rossi AEG that reaches a speed of 400 fps per shot and has a hi-cap magazine with a capacity for 300 BB's. Its differential is its electronic trigger, gearbox and reinforced piston, among other items.


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