Rossi On The KWC SP Model 2022 CO2 Pistol


Rossi, which also supplies airsoft guns under its own brand, does a review of the KWC SP Model 2022 CO2 Pistol in this video. This CO2 fixed slide pistol uses the 12g CO2 cartridge that can fire over 250 BBs before it is empty. The magazine has a 23-BB capacity and comes with markings and white dot front sight.

Rossi On The CYMA CM506 AEG


Rossi goes over the affordable Cyma CM506 which is an M4 RIS CQB AEG. This configuration is popular amongst airsoft players before the KeyMod and M-Lok rail systems entered and the Cyma CM506 is made mainly of polymer, making it lightweight and highly recommendable to airsoft beginners.

Rossi M4 Sentinel 9" Delta Black AEG


The Commando Store in Chile presents another Rossi AEG they have available, the Rossi M4 Sentinel 9" Delta  Black AEG... "The new ROSSI M4 Sentinel Delta 9-inch. the AR15 have been the most popular, but this DELTA comes with a very interesting equipment, it has an electronic trigger with Mosfet and active brake that allows the piston to rest, however the piston has teeth made of steel for greater durability.

Commando Store: ROSSI Neptune 9" MARSOC


Commando Store presents the ROSSI Neptune 9" MARSOC, a MK18-style AEG that is available at their store... The new ROSSI Marsoc, the MK18 have been the most popular, but this MARSOC comes with a very interesting equipment, it has a programmable electronic trigger with active brake that allows the piston to rest.

Rossi Sentinel Pegasus AEG At Commando Store


Chilean airsoft retailer Commando Store gives us a quick presentation of a new AEG from Rossi, the Sentinel Pegasus AEG that comes with a 6.02mm inner barrel... "The ROSSI Sentinel PEGASUS, an incredible replica that will surprise you, 340 FPS, includes a 6.02 precision barrel, its body and handguard are made of flexible high-impact polymer, its GEARBOX is totally metallic, including gears and piston teeth."

Rossi Neptune 9” AR15 AEG Review & Test


Venture Shop goes over the Rossi Neptune  9” AR15 AEG if it is something that they can recommend to their customers... "The AEG AR15 Neptune 9" Marsoc Airsoft Rifle is from Rossi, it has super cost benefit, cutting edge technology and incomparable quality!

It will cater from the beginner to the most experienced, it leaves nothing to be desired!

Mecânica 6mm Visits ROSSI HQ


Mecânica 6mm got this video showing us the headquarters of ROSSI in Brazil. The company is new in airsoft but has a history of making firearms and airguns... "On that day we got to know all of Rossi's facilities, located in the city of São Leopoldo/RS. Join us on this visit!

And to all Rossi employees, thank you very much for your kindness and for this great reception."

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