Wartech TV-110 "The TV Rig"


Blue Jean Operator starts his series called "The Gear of Tarkov" which are based on gear see on "Escape from Tarkov"... "In this series I'll be cloning various pieces of kit available in-game, and running it at both the range and at some airsoft games to see if how the game developers set up the kit for your poor PMC, is actually good or not.

Wartech Battle Belt MK1 At Airsoft Store


A quick overview of the Wartech Battle Belt MK1 that is in stock at the Airsoft Store... "A quick tour of the popular WARTECH Battle Belt MK1 discharge belt. The belt is popular among airsoft players, shooters, hunters, and professional military men. The MOLLE interface on the outside of the belt allows you to hang any compatible pouches, holsters and other equipment on it."

Airsoft Store: WARTECH Body Armor Overview


Alexander of Red Army Airsoft gives an overview Wartech Body Armor available at the Airsoft Store... "Overview of the case for the SBS body armor (model TV-102) from the company WARTECH. The vest is designed for armor plates Granite 2 sizes. It consists of a cumberbird, chest and back panels. The vest is available in the 6 colours and camo patterns."

Wartech Nomad Vest Overview


Alexander of Red Army Airsoft gives an overview of the Wartech Nomad Vest available at the Airsoft Store in Russia and this is available in the different colours... "Overview of the chest unloading vest Nomad (model TV-101) from the company WARTECH. The vest can be worn as an independent unit of equipment, or mounted on body armor."

Reapers Airsoft: Wartech Pouches


More on Wartech Gear as Reapers Airsoft reviews their pouches and they have a raffle for their viewers... "Hi folks, in the last video of our Wartech series (wartechgear.de) we look at the pouches / magazines today. Since the equipment of Wartech has a very good price-performance ratio, it is also suitable for beginners and beginners in the airsoft sport. As a small thank you there is a little something for you to win at the end."

Wartech TV-103 Plate Carrier Review


Reapers Airsoft reviews the Russian-made TV-103 Plate Carrier from Wartech. Here is what Wartech says about the product... "TV-103 is a lightweight plate carier with the full functionality of heavier vests. Ideal for situations when both mobility and protection is necessary. TV-103 is equipped with pouches for the ballistic plates in front, back, left and right sides. A layer of Kevlar can also be added to the inner plate compartment. MOLLE system for pouches.

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