Wartech TV-103 Plate Carrier Review


Reapers Airsoft reviews the Russian-made TV-103 Plate Carrier from Wartech. Here is what Wartech says about the product... "TV-103 is a lightweight plate carier with the full functionality of heavier vests. Ideal for situations when both mobility and protection is necessary. TV-103 is equipped with pouches for the ballistic plates in front, back, left and right sides. A layer of Kevlar can also be added to the inner plate compartment. MOLLE system for pouches. Two or three point sling can be passed through the shoulder pads. Special fasteners for antennas and hydrator hose. Front and back velcro panels.  Evacuation strap on the back. Easily adjusts to the required size. Available in various colors. Suitable for use by both security forces and military-tactical players."

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