Mounting/Fixing & Alignment Of A Scope/LPVO On An Airsoft Gun


A comprehensive help video by REAPERs Airsoft to help you make sure that your scope has a proper alignment on your airsoft gun... "Hello everyone, in this short video for beginners/beginners in airsoft, I would like to go into the assembly and alignment of a rifle scope.

It should be noted that your airsoft and the rifle scope are precisely aligned, the height of the optics and the eye relief fit."



REAPERs Airsoft got Army Armament gas blowback pistols under different names from Army Armament that are special Begadi editions. As always, it's a long review so we hope you have free time to watch it in full... "Hey guys, in this video we go through four more new GBB (Gas Blowback) backups from Army Armament: Witcher, Archer, Excalibur & Earl (each in the Begadi Special Version).

REAPERs Airsoft: VTEX Razor AMG UH-1 Gen.2


A China-made VTEX Razor AMG UH-1 Gen 2 gets reviewed by REAPERs Airsoft. This is based on the Razor AMG UH-1 Gen.2 Holo Sight from Vortex Optics. Will it be good for airsoft use? Watch the video... "Good morning! Today I have the UH-1 GEN.1 + GEN.2 from China for you in the video."

REAPERs Airsoft: Army Armament Gladiator & Ripper R17 GBB


Two GBB pistols from Army Armament based on the G17 are reviewed by Reapers Airsoft... "Good morning! In this video we look at the new Army Armament Galadiator and Ripper GBB (R17 Gas Blowback) models together. They have a handmade stippling, steel internals, aluminum piston head with ventilation, reinforced nozzle, stainless steel valve and the option of using an RMR/Docter red dot sight."

REAPERs Airsoft: VFC/Umarex HK MG4 AEG


If you want a comprehensive review of the new VFC/Umarex HK MG4 AEG, REAPERs Airsoft will be most comprehensive as always going over this airsoft LMG that is equipped with MOSFET for over two hours... "Hello everyone, in this video we are going through the new HK MG4 from VFC/Umarex as a 0.5 Joule AEG."

REAPERs Airsoft: Proarms PAR MK3 S-AEG


The Czech Proarms PAR MK3 has a licensed version for airsoft with the Proarms PAR MK3 S-AEG made by Delta Armory. REAPERs Airsoft reviews the German-spec S-AEG in this video... "Hey everyone, today we're taking a look at the licensed Proarms PAR MK3 Airsoft/Airsoft model from Delta Armory."

REAPERs Airsoft: S&T UST.45 S-AEG


Next up for the full scrutiny by REAPERs Airsoft is the S&T UST.45 S-AEG available in Germany... "This video is about the 2022 version of the S&T UST45 (UST.45). This Airsoft/Airsoft (toy gun) was previously known as the Heckler & Koch HK UMP and is now available in a much better version."

REAPERs Airsoft: Tokyo Marui AKM GBBR


If someone is going into the nitty gritty details of an airsoft gun for a comprehensive review, it is REAPERs Airsoft. In this video review, he thoroughly goes through the Tokyo Marui AKM Gas Blowback Rifle. Better prepare some drinks and snacks, this is an hour and 25 minutes worth of video... "Hi folks, today we are taking a look at TM (Tokyo Marui)'s AKM as GBBR."

REAPERs Airsoft: T238 Brushless Motor Review


Perhaps the most comprehensive review of the T238 Brushless AEG motor, REAPERs Airsoft goes over it if it is a good alternative to the Warhead Industries Option No. 1 Brushless Motor... "Hello everyone, after the Warhead brushless motors, there is now another one, the T238, whose speed can be adjusted via a potentiometer."

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