Condor Exo Plate Carrier Gen II At Military 1st


Military 1st got the Condor Exo Plate Carrier Gen II in stock at their online store... "The Condor Exo Plate Carrier Gen II is made with articulation in mind ensuring peak performance.

It has a padded interior and shoulders and a breathable 3D mesh liner for added comfort without weight, removable padded anti-slip shoulder pads with Hook-and-Loop guides, and an adjustable cummerbund with built-in soft armour pockets.

There is a front map pocket, an extra back pocket and all-over MOLLE webbing for modular attachments.

Garand Thumb's General Purpose Plate Carrier


Spiritus Systems got Garand Thumb as special guest on their channel to talk about his plate carrier... "Today we have a special guest, Mr. Michael J Thumb aka, Garand Thumb. In this video, live from Garand Ram Ranch, the Doctor himself lays out his LV119 and explains the intent behind building a general purpose plate carrier. Oh, and it's F'ing cold."

The Top Plate Carriers According To


We can all down in options when choosing a plate carrier for real world or airsoft applications, especially airsoft applications. If you are having a hard time selecting one and you have a better budget, George of talks about the top 10 plate carriers according to them. They can be at their store or other resellers. Most, it not all, were designed for real world applications.

Warrior Assault Systems DCS Plate Carrier


Blue Jean Operator reviews what he says to be the most popular plate carrier in the world, the Warrior Assault Systems DCS... "Today we're going to be going over the Warrior Assault Systems DCS. A plate carrier used world over, making it quite possibly one of the most popular plate carriers currently being used.

Timerzanov Airsoft: OneTigris FYR Plate Carrier Review


Timerzanov Airsoft turns his attention to tactical gear, doing a review on the FYR Plate Carrier from OneTigris... "Hi there ! Today I find you for my first presentation of gear. For this first video, I present to you the FYR platform carrier from ONETIGRIS. They contacted me to be able to make a presentation of their vest available on their Amazon store. So I accepted! I hope that pleases you.

Begadi "Universal" Plate Carrier Review


TNT-Germany gives you the pros and cons of the Begadi Universal Plate Carrier with a comparison to other plate carriers in the airsoft market... "Hey folks! After 4 months and 5 game days, the test of the Begadi Plate Carrier is over for us. You can find out how the cheap plate carrier fared in the video. Because let's be honest, what do you expect for 59 euros?

Geonox Airsoft: Plate Carrier vs Chest Rig


In this review of gear from OneTigris, Geonox Airsoft talks about the differences of plate carriers and chest rigs, especially for airsoft use... "In this video we look at 3 new tactical products from One Tigris: the Chest Rig, the Plate Carrier and the Helmet. Then we talk about the pros and cons of chest rigs vs plate carriers. Advertisement Many thanks to One Tigris for making the products available to me."

CS Airsoft's Rifleman Loadout Plate Carrier & Battle Belt Setup


We go back to CS Airsoft as talks more about his Rifleman loadout showing how he sets up his plate carrier and battle belt... "The current Plate Carrier and Battle Belt setup for my Assault/Rifleman Airsoft Loadout consists of a Warrior Assault Systems  DCS Plate Carrier & Low Profile Belt. The Loadout is refined with various magazine and universal pouches from Templar's Gear.

Pelissaris Company Plate Carrier Review


Mako Airsoft Brazil got their hands on the  Pelissaris Company plate carrier for a video review. Description is from the company's website... "They are light vests and very manageable because their MOLLE system exterior allows the use of a variety of accessories. The Plate Carrier Vest is a great option for your operations, offering agility and comfort during use.

Made of high strength Ripstop, offering exceptional durability and strength.

OneTigris Doom Airsoft Tactical Plate Carrier


Airsoft Madness takes another product from OneTigirs for a review, and this time he gets the OneTigris Doom Airsoft Tactical Plate Carrier... "Welcome to Airsoft madness, in todays Airsoft UK video we are back with another Airsoft plate carrier review. This week we are looking at the OneTigris Doom Airsoft Tactical Vest.

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