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Plate Carrier

Pain X: Spiritus Systems LV119 Overt

The "no frills" Spiritus Systems LV119 Overt Plate Carrier was on display at the SHOT Show 2019. This a configurable plate carrier and Pain X checks it out for ann overview video... "Zane from Spiritus Systems gives us a quick overview of the features on the BRAND NEW LV119 Overt Plate Carrier."

Invader Gear Reaper ATP Plate Carrier

Romanian airsoft retailer Airsoft6 feature the Reaper ATP Plate Carrier from Invader Gear in this video.... "This tactical vest is a molar laser cutting platform manufactured by Invader Gear. The front model is made of nylon material and is covered on a large part of the surface with cut molar laser fastening systems. The waist dimensions are adjustable both in width and height, allowing a firm fit on the user's body.

Salty Old Gamer: Budget Plate Carrier

The Salty Old Gamer checks out a US$29 Plate Carrier if it's good enough for airsoft gaming... "In this SaltyOldGamer airsoft review we're talking about this $29 Plate Carrier / Tactical Vest that is an overseas replica of the Marine Force Recon Body Armor, and it looks like it is made straight to specifications. Is it any good? Does it suck? Watch to find out.

Leonidas Body Armor Plate Carrier System

Spartan Armor Systems at the SHOT Show 2019 have on display their new  Leonidas Advanced Body Armor Plate Carrier System... "SHOT Show 2019 overview of our new Leonidas plate carrier with so many features it's fit for a Spartan king. This American made, Berry compliant carrier is our most advanced body armor plate carrier to date."

Spiritus Systems LV119 Overview

Lucas Botkin of T.Rex Arms gives a quick tour of the Spiritus Systems LV119 Plate Carrier. This is a modular low visibility system (LV) and has several components available such as the Front Plate Bag, Rear Plate BVg, Cummerband, and Shoulder Covers... "Lucas Botkin goes over the Spiritus Systems LV119 plate carrier. Made in the USA. Perfect for covert/low-vis work."

Carol Grillo: Invictus Apollo Plate Carrier

Carol Grillo talks about the Invictus Apollo Plate Carrier available in Brazil... "A key element in the tactical apparatus, the INVICTUS Apollo Plate Carrier style vest is made of 1000D CORDURA fabric and Ballistic Nylon, a feature that guarantees more resistance to the product and greater user mobility. Its MOLLE 'laser cut' system allows the attachment of up to 80 kg of equipment in additional modular pockets."

Velocity Scarab LT Plate Carrier Setup

Warrior Poet Society picks the SCARAB LT Plate Carrier for a setup demo. Made by Velocity Systems, this has patneded swivel sbould straps designed to make it comfortable to wear for the user. It has a Brand Loop Panel, expanded kangaroo pouch, and Integrated SwiftClip Buckles.

You can read their full review here.

THG: Tomahawk 2 Plate Carrier

The Heresy Group feature the T3 Tomahawak 2 Plate Carrier a very much affordable plate carrier that is designed for the Law enforcement, it can accept 0x12 LVL IV Hard Armor Plates and 10x12 LVL IIIA Soft Armor Inserts which are sold separately. For airsoft use, just use the dummy inserts.

Sniper-AS: ST Condor Plate Carrier

Affordable plate carriers from S.T. Condor are in stock at Sniper-AS, here is their take on these... "Hey guys, here's the video for the ST Condor plate carriers. Please do not take it amiss but I know a little about West etc. And since it is still my first video in this area, I would ask you to stay nice. ST Condor is a pretty cheap brand but works with original fabrics and offers a really high quality."

Wartech TV-103 Plate Carrier Review

Reapers Airsoft reviews the Russian-made TV-103 Plate Carrier from Wartech. Here is what Wartech says about the product... "TV-103 is a lightweight plate carier with the full functionality of heavier vests. Ideal for situations when both mobility and protection is necessary. TV-103 is equipped with pouches for the ballistic plates in front, back, left and right sides. A layer of Kevlar can also be added to the inner plate compartment. MOLLE system for pouches.