Airsoftjunkiez's Update On The Enola Gaye Mil-X Smoke Grenade


Airsoftjunkiez got the Enola Gaye Mil-X Smoke Grenade available to order and can be shipped to customers via Fedex Hazmat... "Carefully designed by our experienced development team with detailed input from experienced military personnel, our Mil-X grenade contains a military style fly off lever with a military pin. It has a burn time of 60 seconds and produces a massive amount of smoke.

RAG RG-42 Smoke Grenade At Strike Planet


Another option for smoke grenades in airsoft and milsim is the RAG RG-42, if it can be exported from Russia. Strike Planet features this smoke grenade in this video... "Smoke grenade RG-42 from the domestic company "RAG" will be a very good replacement for classic army smoke.

Black Winter Airsoft: StrikeArt M83 Smoke Grenade


Russian pyro device maker for airsoft use, StrikeArt, got a new smoke grenade, the M83. What makes this different from other smokes the company makes? Black Winter Airsoft got one for this review... "A hot new product from StrikeArt, the M83 smoke grenade. Review, description, tests, first impressions."

Airsoftjunkiez: TAGinn TAG-18 Smoke Grenade White


Airsoftjunkiez are now taking pre-orders for the TAGinn TAG-18 Smoke Grenade. Based on the U.S. Army's MK-18, this gives a dense white smoke that should help conceal movement when advancing or retreating. Two videos shown below in which they review and demo that smoke grenade... "TAG18 smoke produces dense smoke for 45seconds, place your preorders today."

Another TAGinn TAG-18 Smoke Grenade Demonstration


The new TAG-18 smoke grenade from TAGinn is already out. For those looking for a more dense smoke output without spewing something toxic, this can be an option to cover your movements. The design is based on the U.S. MK-18 model. You can purchase this a 6-pack smoke bundle.

TAGinn TAG-018 Smoke White Overview


An overview of the TAG-018 Smoke Grenade made by TAGinn for airsoft and milsim use... "This smoke hand grenade is based on the US army legendary MK-18 model by both - its appearance and function.

TAG-18 is filled with 100 grams of the non-toxic smoke-generating substance made for the movie industry. The smoke is being deployed from both sides of the grenade, which is drastically increasing the smoke cloud density.

How To Make An Airsoft Smoke Grenade


Kaisoft knows how to make the biggest smoker grenade for airsoft use and shares this in this video provided you take all the safety precautions when dealing with such... "The smoke might not seem too big but its only that small, if you make it bigger your going to get more smoke, more concentrated the mix the more smoke. Make sure not to inhale the smoke and be safe when playing with fire."

AirsoftCon 2017 Opens With EG Smoke


Enola Gaye got the honour to open AirsoftCon 2017 with their smoke... "We had a booth again at this years Evike Airsof Con 2017. There were over 3,600 that attended the event.  Over 200 people camped in line days before the event and we wanted to show you just how many people were excited for and opening of ACON 2017. Evike started off the event using our blue smoke to welcome all the attendees!"

Enola Gaye CM75 Smoke Grenade Review


Defcon Paintball reviews the Enola Gaye CM75 Smoke Grenade. This is the biggest soke grenade ever released by the UK-based company and delivers huge quantities of smoke, giving you the put out a blanket of smoke to obscure your position just over 3 minutes and is said to be designed to have more smoke output thann military grade smoke grenades.

Super Slow-Mo Airsoft Grenade Explosion


The Hidden Hedgehog gets some airsoft smoke and frag grenades from Enola Gaye and do some super slow mo video footage with these... "I test all the enola gaye range, from explosions to smoke grenades, and film it in super slow motion so everyone can see the effects of each product and what they do during a paintball or airsoft game.

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