RAG RG-42 Smoke Grenade At Strike Planet


Strike Planet RAG RG-42 Smoke Grenade

Another option for smoke grenades in airsoft and milsim is the RAG RG-42, if it can be exported from Russia. Strike Planet features this smoke grenade in this video... "Smoke grenade RG-42 from the domestic company "RAG" will be a very good replacement for classic army smoke. The grenade is equipped with an active bracket, that is, as long as you keep the safety lever clamped, the grenade is at rest and does not initiate. The RAG RG-42 is equipped with a quick ignition system for smoke elements, which allows it to start emitting smoke from itself in 2 seconds after its initiation. The grenade emits a dense layer of smoke that will reliably hide you from the eyes of the enemy and give you room to maneuver."

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