Blue Force Gear Vickers Medic Sling


Limited Edition Vickers Medic Sling from Blue Force Gear is back in stock... "Ask and you shall receive. Medic Slings are BACK and better than ever! The Vickers Medic Sling was developed based on the input of Special Forces 18 Delta and other combat medics. They wanted a sling with a greater range of adjustment than the Standard Vickers Sling but without the disadvantages commonly attributed to tailed slings.

Ollie's Favourite Sling Setup For 2022


Ollie Talks Airsoft shows W.A.R.S. Sling for his sling setup for this year... "The Wayward W.A.R.S Sling is one of those products that just does what it needs to do and nothing more, a great addition to any Airsoft replica at a very affordable price."

High Speed Gear Apex Sling


Latest release from High Speed Gear is the Apex Sling that can be ordered from their online store for US$45.00... "Short description: The Apex™ sling is a 2-point, quick-adjust sling for rifles, carbines and similarly sized weapons. It was designed to be low-profile with a waterproof pad for comfort and durability.

Setting Up A Sling For Airsoft


Ryan of Siege Airsoft gives some tips in setting up a sling for airsoft use. Should be a good video to recommend for airsoft beginners to watch... "In this episode of Kit Critical, Ryan goes over "Slinging Your Thing" including tips and tricks on setting up a sling for airsoft."

Blue Force Gear: Find The Right AK Weapon Slings


A good resources for those who are looking for slings for their AK rifles whether the real deal or airsoft. Blue Force Gear writes about the finding the right AK slings... "The AK. Some love it, some hate it. Either way, anyone being honest has to admit that the most ubiquitous rifle in history has its place. Like its more refined nemesis, the AR-15, there is no ‘standard’ AK configuration. But the AR platform, even with its numerous makers and configurations, all bear a familial association.

TFB: How To Use A Sling


Whilst a rifle sling is mainly for load bearing, it can also be used for shooting accuracy. This episode of the The Firearm Blog TV shows you how... "In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves reviews the easiest possible rifle accuracy hack - the best dollar-for-dollar improvement you can make to your rifle: The sling.

Tactical Slings From G&G Armament


A variety of tactical slings from G&G Armament are now available to order... "Secure your rifle with our tactical slings to maximize mobility on the battlefield. With our single, 2-point, or 3-point variants you can customize your loadout. Now available.

Contact your local G&G Dealer for availability and pricing."

Filip Airsoft: T.Rex Arms Sling


Japanese Airsoft channel, Filip Airsoft, goes over the T.Rex Arms Sling that is available in Japan... "Hi, this is Filip. This time, we will introduce the T.REX ARMS SLING provided by DEVILSIX and a brief review video. I personally like this sling very much and use it as the main equipment in Sabage and Tactre. I have summarized the features and impressions in a video, so I hope you can watch it as a reference video before purchasing."

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