Filip Airsoft: T.Rex Arms Sling


Japanese Airsoft channel, Filip Airsoft, goes over the T.Rex Arms Sling that is available in Japan... "Hi, this is Filip. This time, we will introduce the T.REX ARMS SLING provided by DEVILSIX and a brief review video. I personally like this sling very much and use it as the main equipment in Sabage and Tactre. I have summarized the features and impressions in a video, so I hope you can watch it as a reference video before purchasing."

Tactical Slings Compared By BigCroc Airsoft


BigCroc Airsoft does a comparison of some of the more known slings that you can use for your rifles. In the video, the slings featured are from Spiritus Systems, Ferro Concepts, Blue Force Gear, and Viking Tactics. You can also make your own conclusion which of these slings meets your needs.

How To Use Your Sling By Fox Airsoft


Still don't have an idea how to use a rifle sling? Here's Tang of Fox Airsoft to help you out... "Slings are a simple tactical accessory that will help you out big time. This video was made in response to a viewer request that we make a video about HOW to mount/attach a sling. Hope this helps!"

FF KRISS Vector QD Sling Swivel End


This First Factory Laylax KRISS Vector QD Sling Swivel End will allow you to attach a sling when you remove the folding stock. It is now available at the Laylax online store... "It is an item that can attach a QD sling swivel to KRYTAC KRISS VECTOR . It is manufactured by cutting all from high rigidity aluminum alloy material.

By installing this product, it becomes a pistol style that eliminates stock, realizing a sling work that is compact and easy to handle.

Satellite Prometheus One Point Sling


Laylax has made available to order their new Satellite Prometheus One Point Sling. For buyers outside of Japan, they can ask their airsoft retailers if they are going to have this in stock... "The latest design sling with the logo in orange & black color scheme with the Prometheus brand color and it is fully functional as a one-point sling!

Laylax Satellite Paracord Sling


A nicely made sling made of Paracord available at Laylax. It is available in Tan and OD... "Airborne troops are widely trusted in each country from using them as a lifeline to connect themselves with the parachute's Paracord. Naturally its strength is with origami, but still you can not miss being supple. In addition, it is hard to inhale water, so its performance will not be impaired even if it is used underwater or rainy weather.

Proper Sling Setup & Why It Matters


Perhaps you take for granted the way you setup your sling on your rifle. But there is a proper way sling setup according to Warrior Poet Society. Watch the video as they show you how to setup an adjustable AR15 sling and also give you two reasons why it is important to do it properly.

Burntwolf Airsoft: Gun Sling Types Pros and Cons


It's all about gun slings this time for this episode of BurntWolf Airsoft... "Right then you oribble lot this week on Burntwolf airsoft I'm taking a look at the 3 main sling types found at airsoft and giving you a rough idea of the pros and cons of each type and hopefully helping you decide which one is best for your needs at airsoft."

New PTS Low Profile QD Sling Swivel


PTS Syndicate announce a new QD sling swivel to use with your airsoft rifles... "The PTS Enhanced QD Sling Swivel provides a large D loop for a hooktype attachment and can withstand strong pulling forces in all directions.  Made of a strong steel alloy, the swivel has been tested to to withstand up to 300kg of load. The QD sling swivel also features a recessed button, a design feature first seen on the PTS ESP-M2, which prevents accidental activation."

Tokyo Marui Quick Adjust Two-Point Sling


Tokyo Marui announced that they have released a Quick Adjust Two-Point Sling that is available in Black, Ranger Green, and Coyote Brown. This item comes neatly packaged with its own instruction manual. Check with your retailers if they are going to have this in stock:

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