DBoys Full Metal M4 CQB SOPMOD First Impressions


First, a big thank you to Keith of RSOV... as usual, excellent service. This is the first FULL METAL ACM I have ever bought. Ever since I bought the JG AUG from RSOV, I just can't stop my self from acquiring more. But these days, the ACMs are sprouting like mushrooms, so we got to be careful with what we buy --- some may look good and sell cheap but maybe C-R-A-P in more ways than one. Here comes Dboys...if my intel is right - this company was once known as BOYI; and they used to make crappy AEGs i.e. plastic body, plastic GB-overall crap. Sir Tulisan of ACE Brigade can verify this one for me. Then a sign of resurrection when they released the CASV --- a complete turnaround from the past plastic models as has been reviewed by Sir Vicoy, DBOYS have upped its reputation as makers of reliable cheapsoftsin the same level as JG. But what about this model, the BI3881, otherwise known as the DBOYS FULL METAL M4 CQB SOPMOD? Is it any good? This review will try to answer that question. At first glance, this little baby looks like the G&P M4 Special Operation rifle. In other words... IT IS A BEAUTY!!! I don't care if it's a clone or not... i love this gun for its looks alone. The First Impression: This is what you'll get out of the box: the rifle, battery pack, one point sling, charger, BUIS, a pair of RIS covers, a manual (that does not really say much) hi-cap mag and a foregrip. Nice weight, full metal "feel" very apparent, overall looks impressive. Shake test reveals a bit of a wobble from the upper receiver. There's not much you can do about it. Safety switch have a nice secure click. Magazine well a bit loose-- mag will wobble. Hey.... there's a sticker that says QC... that may mean QUALITY CONTROL... uuuhrrrrm!!! You can also have a peep at the gearbox... looks like IT IS reinforced. BUIS rear sight--- beautiful but useless, I reckon. It takes two to tango you know... so this one, I won't use. (o di ba BUIS-it!) The front end, no matter how big an impact it gives on your first glance, this being a free floating RIS and all, as you look closely you will somehow get disappointed.... it is misaligned!!!! This is very obvious when you look through the scope. Now where is the bloody QC here? The GRIP has a nice feel but suspicious material though. This one, i have to replace. The barrel goes up to the tip of the dummy supressor. Longer barrel means longer range. I find installing the battery pack in the crane stock a bit fidly, there is a screw to secure the cover in place, a large battery pack should fit in here. There's a pair of plastic covers in the front end of the butt that keep on falling off. It's so annoying, i've got to glue them. So here it is guys. This will be a rolling review and I will keep this updated when I have more time to play with this baby. This Sunday, I will field test it. Tango yankee for your time.

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