Double Bell/DBoys GP-25 Launcher Review


Joe's Custom Airsoft takes a look a the Double Bell GP-25 Airsoft Grenade Launcher. If you are thinking it looks like the version DBoys, you're not wrong. This is a full metal launcher for the AK series an authentic looking VOG-25 style airsoft shower grenade and can be used as a standalone launcher as well... "In this video I take a look at the Double Bell (DBoys) GP-25 under-barrel grenade launcher for AK style airsoft guns."

Burntwolf Airsoft: PPS K98 vs DBOYS K98


How will the DBoys K98 airsoft rifle, which has been in the market for a decade now, fare against the PPS K98. Burntwolf Airsoft does a comparison in this video review... "Right then you orrible lot this week on Burnt wolf air soft im going to be taking a look at the D boys and PPS k 98 air soft rifles.And seeing what the difference in price tag gets you."

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DBoys SC-01 Fire Selector Correct Assembly


Putting back together your DBoys SC-01 SCAR-L will require the correct assembly of the fire selector switch. Gunfire shows you how in this Quick Fix video... "SC-01 and his selector is one hard walnut to crack. But do not worry. Arek from our GunFire Technical Department will show you how to deal with him in our new #quickfix."

FN SCAR-L AEG At Airsoft Atlanta


Here's the review of the FN SCAR-L AEG as done by Airsoft Atlanta. This AEG has DBoys as an OEM... "The new FN SCAR-L AEG Airsoft Gun for 2017 is awesome! Finally they nailed it with an airsoft model that's both reliable, and aesthetically pleasing to look at and handle. Metal upper and polymer lower just like the real SCAR-L, this replica is perfect for all airsoft players. Full metal gearbox made with reliable parts, expert engineering, and uses all standard M4 parts/accessories/magazines.

ASGI Uncut: TK's DBoys M4A1 Grenadier


In this episode of Airsoft GI's Uncut, TK shows his DBoys M4A1 Grenadier. To put this together, he got the DBoys M4 RIS Carbine AEG, a DBous Long M203 Launcher, a Tac 9 AN/PEQ-16A Integrated Pointer/Illuminator Module, and for his gas grenade shell, a Lancer Tactical 18 rd. BB Shower Grenade Shell. Watch below to learn more:

Airsoft Mike: DBoys Kar98k Rifle


Airsoft Mike reviews the DBoys Kar98k Shell Ejecting Airsoft Rifle which has been in the market for about a decade now... "Now you all know I like a shell ejecting Airsoft gun! As impracticable as it is, it is so satisfying lol. Join me as I unbox and take a look at the exciting D-Boys Kar98k Rifle! Almost perfectly identical to the real steel Mauser 98K!

Gunfire: Specna Arms, Marui, CYMA, & More


A good number of airsoft guns and gear have arrived at Gunfire this week. For airsoft guns, they got deliveries of Specna Arms, Spartac, DBoys, CYMA, and Tokyo Marui. As for gear and accessories they got some from Nuprol, Peltor, and Victorinox. Click on the links provided below to lear more.

Specna Arms

Gunfire: BOYI, 5KU, & ACM Deliveries


More deliveries at Gunfire and many are affordable airsoft guns from BOYI/DBoys and Dragon. But a good bulk are airsoft accessories and upgrade parts for AEGs from ACM and 5KU as well as gas and oil from Smart Gas. Click on the links provided below to learn more about these:


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