Airsoft M4s As The Best Airsoft Replicas


Destockage Games talk about ARs in this video and explain why M4 airsoft replicas are the best... "Find out everything you need to know about the M4 in airsoft, AR-15, Colt M4A1 or M16, what are the differences and how to choose the best AEG, Gaz replica."

LayLax Nine Ball Hi Capa HPA/M4 Magazine Adapter Quick Review


Wyhaq got the LayLax Nine Ball Hi Capa HPA/M4 Magazine Adapter and shows how to install it for a quick review... "In this video, I show how to install the newest hpa adapter from LayLax Nine Ball. This is an injection molded m4 magazine adapter for HPA systems. This is a very competitive option, at a significantly lower price than the other options on the market. This is a great choice for speedsofters or just normal airsofters that like cool stuff.

WE Airsoft M4 GBBR V3 System


WE Airsoft is the most prolific amongst airsoft manufacturers are producing gas blowback airsoft guns, well since most of its products are gas guns. They also are the earliest in producing their own gas blowback system for their AR-style airsoft guns. Will the WE Airsoft M4 GBBR V3 System show a significant improvement?

Logan Plays Reviews The Golden Eagle M4 AEG


Logan Plays gives his take on the affordable Golden Eagle M4 AEG which many of us in airsoft recognise more as the Jing Gong brand... "The Golden Eagle M4 Airsoft Gun is a perfect choice for woodland outdoor gaming and CQB due to its compact design and familiar controls. it has a lovely weight and very strong construction.

In this video we'll show you:

Umarex M4 Modified Front Sight Post


The Umarex Boys Club show why they have modified the front sight post of a Umarex M4 airgun... "Paddy explains his newly fitted Front Sight Post for his Umarex M4 which has an aftermarket Carry Handle fitted. The Post, Sighting Tool, Retaining Pin and Allen Key all were made by our UBC Engineer Jef."

CTM Hi-Capa HPA M4 Adapter


A quick presentation by CTM on their Hi-Capa HPA M4 Adapter for those who need more capacity for their Hi-Capa pistols. With this adapter, you can use High-Pressure Air (HPA) and M4 AEG magazines on your Hicapa airsoft pistols. You will also need an M4 AEG magazine, a paintball air tank with a low-pressure regulator (0-140 psi), and a HPA line with Foster quick disconnect.

Ferfrans M4 AEG At Airsoft Master


A quick walkthrough of the Ferfrans M4 AEG that is licensed to Jag Arms to produce in this video by Airsoft Master... "The Ferfrans Rifle company was started in 1998 in Montclair, CA and surprisingly a fun fact is their second factory is at the Phillippines! Ferfrans is known for their SOAR rifle that is used in local military and law enforcement around the world! The best part is that Jag Arms help produced the fully licensed rifle!

Delta Armory M4 M-LOK 13" ALPHA ETU Review


The Delta Armory M4 M-LOK 13" ALPHA ETU AEG gets to be scrutinised by ASG Olsztyn. The ALPHA series is a full metal airsoft gun with a CNC Type A trigger, unique serial number, and 22mm RIS rails for attaching accessories. The stock is well-handled and battery insertion is convenient. The adjustable rear sight is mounted on a RIS rail and the barrel has a 14mm left-hand thread. The gun has a 13-inch (33cm) metal M-LOK handguard.

Golden Eagle M4 C16 Modular S-AEG Review


Kays Airsoft goes over the features of the Golden Eagle M4 C16 Modular S-AEG that is made available by Begadi for Germany-based airsoft players. According to Begadi, the Golden Eagle’s 0.5 J. models are specially adapted with tuning internals, including a 12T Sector Gear, allowing for the use of 11.1V batteries with a high rate of fire (ROF) and an installed ASCU (EFCS) with Mosfet for burst mode.

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