Patrol Base's Airsoft M4 Showcase


In this livestream episode by Patrol Base, Stu showcases the airsoft M4 rifles that the store has in stock which can be ordered online... "In this video, Stu sits down with the M4 Platform answers your questions live! . If you have a question about Patrol Base, Airsoft, or any product just drop it below and you may be featured on the stream."

Airsix TV: GBLS DAS M4 Electric Blowback


Korean airsoft channel Airsix TV checks out a homegrown product, the GBLS DAS M4. Already in the market for some years now, it is the most realistic operating AEG in the market that can rival gas blowback ARs, making it a good training weapon. This AEG comes with a hefty price though.

Specna Arms M4 & HK416 Magazine Compatibility Test


Racoon Airsoft checks out the magazine compatibility of M4 and HK416 AEGs from Specna Arms... "Testing a wide range of mid and high cap mags with firing to check compatibility with new Specna Arms ONE range of 416's and M4's with the newer blue rotary hop unit. Not the one found in EDGE and CORE RRA models. H-04 H-07."

Fox Airsoft: Know Your M4 AEG


For their "Know Your AEG" series, Fox Airsoft talk about getting familiar with the M4 AEG... "So you've decided to get into airsoft! Before you purchase your first M4 style gun, check out some of the quirks and nuances to the platform so you can better identify what it is you want to look for and what might work best for you. The M4 platform is the most versatile of AEGs and every brand that makes one has their own twist to make theirs stand out. What is the best for you?"

Highlander Airsoft: M4 GBB HPA Adapter


Highlander Airsoft features an HPA Adapter to use an M4 Magazine with a gas blowback pistol made by Area 13. The adapter is claimed to be suitable for all common airsoft pistols of the Hi-Capa & Glock series especially those made Tokyo Marui, WE Airsoft, and KJ Works. Using this gives the GBB pistol user more BBs to fire with the M4 AEG magazine.

Rebuilding An Airsoft Custom M4


Gamergasm features his first airsoft rifle that was custom built for him as it gets rebuilt again... "Hello guys it's Gamergasm here and welcome back to another episode of Gamergasm IRL, in today's video we are back with yet another airsoft video. In this episode, we are repairing and rebuilding my first ever airsoft rifle that was a custom build by Micheal at West Coast Airsoft."

Specna Arms M4 SA-C03 AEG At Airsoft Atlanta


Afforable Specna Arms M4 SA-C03 is in stock at Airsoft Atlanta... "Specna Arms M4 SA-C03 AEG. A solid polymer nylon furniture airsoft electric gun with metal barrel and rail(s) system featuring standard weaver quad rail and M4 longer barrel configuration. Includes pre-installed Gate mosfet unit X-ASR providing high protection value and faster trigger response.

How To Hold & Grip An AR15/M4


Some videos from Hexera Airsoft Arena that beginners in airsoft can watch, which is the proper holding of an AR15/M4 airsoft rifle... "This time, I will talk about the hold and grip of AR15/M4! Gamemaster Mackie explains in an easy-to-understand manner, so please take a look."

Upgraded TM M4 SOPMOD NGRS Test


Watch another Eagle6Airsoft test with an upgraded Marui NGRS and this covers the M4 SOPMOD, one of the earlier M4 NGRS released by the Japanese airsoft company. Airsoft players in the UK and Europe have their Marui NGRS upgraded for better performance at Eagle6... "Richard from our tech team talks about and demonstrates a customer's upgraded TM M4 Sopmod NGRS AEG build."

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