The Classic Army FN SCAR-L CQC

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I had a JLS FN SCAR-L, but after checking it out of the box, made my tests, and looked at the internals, I decided to return it  due to its crappy worksmanship. So I hurried off to Airsoft Armoury and got a better one: the Classic Army (CA) SCAR-L. This is a better version in fact, and sometimes being second to releasing the FN SCAR airsoft version sometimes pays off. Now, G&G, VFC, and STAR are also coming out with their own versions.

I was looking for the tan version, but I was informed that it was out of stock, and is more popular among players with multicam gear (which counts me in by the way). So I contented myself with the Black color model.

CA SCAR-L Out of the Box

Before I proceed further, the following are the features of the CA SCAR-L:

  • Unique Serial Number
  • Metal Charging Handle
  • 7mm Metal Bearing Gear Box
  • Hi-Cap Magazine (300 Rd)
  • Metal Flip up Front & Rear Sight
  • CNC made Metal Upper Receiver
  • Up to 9.6V Mini Type Battery can be used
  • Fiber Lower Receiver & Retractable Folding Stock
  • Magazine Released Catch can function in both sides of receiver
  • Bearing Spring Guide, Bearing Piston Head, Sealed Nozzle & Cylinder
  • Motor without screw type 

The box came in with the following:

  • Cleaning Rod
  • Allen Key
  • Hi-Cap Magazine (any TM M16/M4 compatible magazine can also be used)
  • Clearly written manual with diagram (still needs further polishing though)
  • CA 2007 Catalogue (they want your mouth to water while browsing the catalogue)

CA SCAR Manual

Airsoft Armoury was generous enough to throw in another Hi-Cap magazine for free. As compared to the JLS version, this one doesn't come with a foregrip with retractable bipod, sling and a battery. The JLS version uses the AK-type stick battery which you install at the barrel area while this one uses a mini-type battery, which you can install in the butt stock.

Since it has a unique serial number, my AEG has the following the serial number:

CA SCAR-L Serial Number

( I don't know if you're amused by my AEG's serial number)

The paint job is absolutely amazing. It just beats the JLS version by a mile. The detail is better as I went through the AEG. The barrel can be converted into a CQC version, but you'll need to get a flash hider that'll help shorten it, which unfortunately, doesn'tt come with the box. The plastic parts are fibre-reinforced polymer, which means high quality. 


It has a replica gas regulator which actually clicks, and you can flip down the front sight by pressing the pin. The rear sight can also be flipped backwards, and is very useful since you can adjust for range and windage.

CA SCAR-L Rear Sight

The railing is remarkable and with number markings. The paint is excellent as compared to the JLS version which must have been painted with a black marking pen.


Pulling the charging handle reveals the metal hop-up. You can unscrew the charging handle knob, and place it on the left side. The CA SCAR is actually ambidextrous, thus, I find it more flexible than the JLS version.

CA SCAR-L Charging Handle

CA SCAR-L Hop-up

Flipping the folding stock shows you the wires to the batteries. It is nicely done as it doesn't get stuck when you fold or put the stock back in position.

CA SCAR Folding Stock Battery Wires

The cheek piece is easy to use, as you can move it two positions by pressing a button. The JLS version is harder to do, as you need to remove the pin first before you can adjust the position of the cheek piece.

CA SCAR Cheek Piece

Just like the JLS version, you can adjust the stock to 3 positions by pressing the button. However the JLS version was crappy and thus CA wins hands down on this:

CA SCAR-L Folding Stock

Now, the stock when you fold it, really locks in to the right side, and doesn't swing back easily as compared to the JLS version, which gets easily removed from the lock position by just the mere force of gravity. Now, you may wonder if you can release the magazine since the magazine release button is covered by the butt stock when folded. Let the wonder of ambidextrous design answer this, as you can also press the magazine button on the left side. No problem for finger on the trigger too, so this actually is a good choice for CQBs/CQCs.

CA SCAR-L Folded Stock

Installing the battery is tedious, especially when you're in a skirmish and you need to change batteries. The JLS does a better job as you'll just need to remove the pin at the barrel, slide out the battery, replace it, then place back the pin, which you can accomplish in under 20 seconds if you're used to it. The CA version makes you do the following steps:

Step 1: Remove the screw when you fold the stock using the supplied allen key:

CA SCAR-L Battery Install Step 1

Step 2: Pull the stock to its longest length till it comes out, and with it, the battery

CA SCAR-L Battery Install Step 2

Step 3: Put in the battery in to the battery holder space of the butt, and connect it.

CA SCAR-L Battery Install Step 3

and reverse the steps above.

There is a solution to this cumbersome battery change procedure, which you can read here:

So here it is in full glory:

CA SCAR-L Pimped


Test Firing

Poor Man's Chrono:

Please note that this is my first time to fire the SCAR with a BB. I made some dry firing yesterday to test the AEG with the battery. Also, please note that those blotted out areas in the pictures are basically the date stamp made by the camera. It was out of date so I removed them so as not to confuse the reader.

Using the Poor Man's Chrono guide, with the AEG just out of the box (no adjustments, just stock condition), the bb went through both sides of the coke can smoothly:

CA SCAR-L Chrono 1

CA SCAR-L Chrono 2

I also test fired by hitting the bottom center of the coke can. It made a hole, but never made a clean penetration.

Consulting the Poor Man's Chrono guide, out of the box, this is below 385fps and above 340fps. This might settle down to 328fps as it gets abused in future skimirshes.

Accuracy Test

I improvised a paper target and placed it around 20+ meters:

This is accurate at that range!!! No shot strayed out of the target area, and the shot groups are no more than 5 inches from each other, with many dead center. I used a G&P Military Type 30mm Green/Red Dot Sight t to aim, didn't do any calibration, and it was dead-on.

CA SCAR-L Target Picture

There you go folks, just my review of the CA SCAR. If you want other reviews, especially a more detailed and technical one, you can check this out:

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