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Classic Army

Sniper AS: Classic Army AK Series

The AK AEG series from Classic Army are back again, and if based in our experience with these before, they are good performers, but are the latest batch as good as the old? Sniper AS show us what is available from the series nowadays... "Hey guys, we would like to introduce you to the Classic Army AK series here today. Classic Army is still a household name among the 'old hands' in the airsoft scene and has always been a brand you can rely on.

USAirsoft: Classic Army ECS M110

The airsoft version of the SR-25 made by Classic Army is the M110 for those who are familiar with the company years back. The latest iteration of this AEG is thay it comes now with the ECS Trigger which allows the player to shoot 3 to 5 round bursts. It has an initial muzzle velocity of 410-420fps and the big magazine can carry up to 470 rounds. USAirsoft got one from Airsoft GI to further test this AEG and check out the new features.

Hyperdouraku: Classic Army DT-4 AEG

Probably the AEG that each serious airsoft gun collector would want to get next year, Hyperdouraku checks out the Classic Army DT-4 AEG. This is the "Double Trouble" AEG as it is a double barrel AR AEG that probably takes its inspiration from the Silver Shadow Gilboa Snake AR from Israel.

Read the full review here which is in Japanese and below is the video overview.

Airsoft GI: Classic Army SR-40 SPR

Mike goes over the Classic Army SR-40 SPR that's available at Airsoft GI. This is 100% VSR10 compatible and has a muzzle velocity of 430-440fps... "The Classic Army SR40 mimics commonly used bolt action sniper rifles used by law enforcement and security agencies. Every CA SR40 Airsoft Rifle has a metal receiver with a Picatinny rail to provide the user an option of mounting different optics needed for the mission.

Airsoft GI: Classic Army X9 Drum Mag

Want fewer reloading times with your Classic Army X9 AEG? No problem. At Airsoft GI, they have in stock the Classic Army Nemesis X9 1,200 round Drum Magazine... "Are you looking to step up your game and achieve maximum coverage of the field with an infinite amount of BB power? The Classic Army Nemesis X9 1200 rds. Drum Magazine will excel in providing you with a ton of ammo to cover every corner of the terrain.

Airsoft GI: Classic Army PXG-9

Another compact AEG from Classic Army is announced. Airsoft GI are now taking pre-orders for the Classic Army ECS PXG9 AEG... "Classic Army refined the SMG airsoft gun with its breakthrough Nemesis X9! Now it's back to do it again with the PXG9! This Polymer Airsoft gun features many of the same benefits of it's predecessor, including the compact size and stick magazines, but with a lighter weight and lower cost of entry.

Classic Army Nemesis DT4 AEG Test

One of the airsoft guns that we hope should be in stock by Christmas, the Classic Army Nemesis DT4 "Double Trouble" M4 AEG. It's now on pre-order and here is Airsoft GI showing us a shooting test of a prototype for this Uncut episode... "Dave from our Texas store test fires the Prototype Classic Army DT4!"

ASGI: Classic Army Nemesis Gen 2 LS-12

Classic Army update their Nemesis series with the Classic Army Nemesis Gen 2 LS-12 and here is Mike of Airsoft GI to tell you what's new... "Ideal for long-time veterans of airsoft as well as those new to the game, the Classic Army Nemesis series of AEGs was designed to give players the ultimate weapon to take down the opposition.

Classic Army AR4 SBR Light AEG

Now available at Airsoft GI, the Classic Army AR4 SBR Light AEG is a very compact AEG and is priced below US$200 making it an affordable AEG for CQB games. It has a 5" URX rail stystel with an M-Lok section with the gearbox having a 9mm bushing as well as an ECS. Cisco checks this AEG to find out if it is a good backup weapon for an airsoft sniper as compared to having just a sidearm.

ASGI: Affordable SPR MK12 MOD 0 AEG

In this Airsoft GI Uncut episode, Cisco has an affordable SPR AEG in the form of the Classic Army Proline M15A4 SPR MK12 MOD 0 AEG... "Cisco is kinda salty about how much he spent on his 'MK12ish' build compared to the new Classic Army SPR MK12 MOD 0! The gun is available for pre-order and is on sale (at the time of filming)!"