Classic Army CA870 Breacher At Venture Shop


Classic Army got its own spring shotguns series and the Ventue Shop in Brazil got one to show you the CA870 Breacher... "For today's review we brought a weapon simply impeccable! If you like equipment with a more sophisticated and high performance footprint, drop the video to see the Classic Army M870 Breacher in action!"

Peanuts Airsoft: Classic Army Nemesis PX9 AEG Review


Peanuts Airsoft takes a look at the Classic Army PX9 0.5 Joule AEG in this video. Made to meet German requirements, the Classic Army PX9 is a compact AEG designed for CQB games and comes with a 9mm-style AEG Magazine. It has an ECS and flattop trigger for a responsiveness and quick shooting. It is mainly made of Polymer with the metal parts being the sights and outer barrel.

We recommend to her to shoot her next video reviews on landscape mode next time. ;)

Classic Army Nemesis X9 AEG Review


The Classic Army Nemesis X9 AEG is the offering of the Hong Kong-based airsoft company in the AR-pistol/compact AEG with 9mm-style magazines, which seems to be the rage these days. Fireblade400 Airsoft got one from and in this video, give his take on this AEG... "This channel will introduce you to different type of Airsoft guns and rifles that will help you choose what best for you."

G&G ARP9 vs. Classic Army PX9 & Classic Army AR4


SoftairZone compares two of the AR-pistol-style AEGs in the markeT, the G&G ARP9 and the Classic Army PX9 & AR4... "In this video shows a direct comparison of 3 of the currently best selling CQB Airsoft weapons on the market. The G&G ARP9 is the pistol variant of the ARP 556. Equipped with ETU of the 2nd generation, it is famous for its precision and its high ROF (Rate of Fire).

Gunfire: New Arrivals From Lonex, Classic Army, Cyma & More


Gunfire's weeken update feature airsoft guns delivered by two familiar airsoft brands --- Classic Army and CYMA. Plus they also received parts and upgrades from Loniex such as gearbox shells, cylinders, motors; optics from Theta Optics; and tactical gear from GFC Tactical.


Check the delivery of products of one of the legendary airsoft brands - Classic Army. Their offer includes X9 and P9 submachine guns, box magazines, as well as a light M132 Microgun replica.

Classic Army SLR-105 Tactical AEG Review


Mystery Airsoft takes a look at one of the most admired AK AEGs that was built over a decade ago by Classic Army, the SLR-105 Tactical. It is now being re-released so for owners of the old SLR-105, they can check in this review if there are new features that airsoft players may like.

Airsoft2go TV ToGo Episode 1: New Classic Army Models


Airsoft2go got their first episode up on their YouTube channel and they feature some new airsoft guns from Classic Army, though two are re-releases from their old line and updated for the decade... "In the first episode of TV ToGo, Immo from Airsoft2go introduces the new Classic Army Airsoft models and takes a look inside the gearbox. Among other things, we discuss the T-Rex 9 SMG, the MP5, the FAL OSW and the Nemesis M4 models."

Classic Army X9 AEG 1 Minute Review


Here's a 1 minute review of the Classic Army X9 AEG which is a 9mm AR-Pistol-style AEG and available at Airsoft GI... "Introducing the Classic Army X9 SMG - the first full metal, 9mm AR-style replica on the market! The Classic Army Nemesis series of AEGs was designed to give players of any caliber the ultimate tool to take down the opposition. Classic Army took the best parts of the Scarab line and turned them into your enemies' worst nightmare!

Classic Army SR40 Airsoft BASR


The Classic Army SR40, a reincarnation of the much well received Classic Army M40 bolt action airsoft sniper rifle, is in stock at Airsoft GI and comes with the licensed trademarks... "The Classic Army SR40 mimics commonly used bolt action sniper rifles used by law enforcement and security agencies. Every CA SR40 Airsoft Rifle has a metal receiver with a Picatinny rail to provide the user an option of mounting different optics needed for the mission.

Highlander Airsoft: G3 AEG By Classic Army


More G3 choices as this iconic rifle is making a comeback as a favourite of airsoft players. Highlander Airsoft unboxes and reviews the Classic Army G3 AEG in this video... "Hey guys, here you can see the review of the Swabian Arms SAR M41 Sport Match MF3 G3KT S-AEG with SAR M41 TRI RAIL Handguard. I hope you like the video and if you have questions in the comments."

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