WGC Jump for Joy Christmas Specials


WGC make their latest announcement for the season. They have three specials for you to consider such as a mystery sale which you can get 10% off on regular prices.

Shooter City Airsoft Xmas 2010 Offer


Shooter City Airsoft is giving 10% off on purchases on their customers from December 2010 up to 16 January 2010. Just check their website what interests you. We assume that this 10% off is on all products they offer.

SRC SR92 Full Metal Gas Blowbacks


More M92 airsoft gas blowback pistols coming your way. Star Rainbow Company released these pistols last 25 November and you can choose from three different variants: Inox, Dula Tone, and Sahara.

WA Shibuya Wilson Ultralight Carry


This is now in stock at RedWolf Airsoft for US$477.44...

ROE Little Monster Custom AEG


This cute lil` devil is made by Rules of Engagement in Essex that had modifications containing Classic Army, Systema, G&P, MadBull Airsoft, Element, & Star.

KWA KMP9R GBB Tan Version


If you're waiting for the tan version of the KWA MP9 gas blowback airsoft gun, it's now in stock at Airsoft GI for US$215...

Matrix Iron Face "Striker" Gen 2 Mask


It's obviously a rebranded mask made by Brass Guard, this is available at for US$25.00... "Matrix Iron Face 'Striker' Gen2 Metal Mesh Lower Half Mask -land Camo. This mask is amazing.

Ice Blue 4K BB Super-Deal


Get 4,000 rounds of these BBs for £6.99 at Airsoft World... "The best deal we have ever done on BBs!

Tokyo Marui PX4 Handgun Details


Tokyo Marui has given out more details about the TM PX4 hi-kick, hi-grouping, gas blowback pistol. Easily concealable and now popular among Japanese airsoft players, the PX4 is made of polymer.

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