Unboxing The Wolverine MTW-9 Series


Krale Airsoft Unboxing The Wolverine MTW-9 Series

Wolverine Airsoft got their own PCC-style offering in the form of the MTW-9 HPA series and they are available at Krale Airsoft in the Netherlands. Here is what they say about his compact HPA airsoft guns... "Join us for an in-depth look at the Wolverine Airsoft MTW-9 Series. This series of submachine guns packs a punch with its HPA system. With its compact size, lightweight construction and firepower, this SMG replica is perfect for CQB scenarios, indoor skirmishes and fast-paced play.

In this video we'll explore every aspect of the Wolverine MTW-9, from its unique outer features, down to the internals. We'll be testing it at our thirty meter range providing you some insights about this replica."

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