How To Fix Leaking Magazines By Krale Airsoft


We know, we know, there are already lots of videos on helping you how to fix leaky gas mags. But one more video, courtesy of Krale Airsoft won't hurt, right? Watch how they do their own fix... "There's nothing more annoying than picking up a Gas of CO2 airsoft magazine and finding out it's leaking or not working properly. We are happy to tell you how you can prevent or solve this.

Krale Airsoft: Maxx Model Hop-Up Units


Krale Airsoft Shop talks about the different Maxx Model Hop-Up units they have at their shop... "The hop up is THE most important part in an airsoft replica, and of course you want as little play or inconsistency as possible. The Max Model hop up units may offer the solution for your replica. Praised not only for the consistency and precision they offer, but also for all their additional functionalities.

Different Forms Of Playing Airsoft


Krale Airsoft is back to talk about the different ways on how airsoft is played or practiced... "Airsoft is a hobby and sport that comes in many different forms. The best known and most common is the so-called 'skirm' or skirmish', but not many people know the other variants that are practiced. In order to increase your knowledge, and perhaps interest, we will therefore take you through a number of the variants that can be found in this video.

Why You Should Install MOSFETs


Krale Airsoft talks about what MOSFETs are all about and why you have one installed on your AEG if does not have one yet... "Mosfets, you've probably heard or read about it before. A part in AEG airsoft replicas that has quite a few functions. But what exactly are these functions and why should you install one?

When To Use Which Gas Type?


Krale Airsoft discusses about the different gas power sources for airsoft and when to use them... "Within airsoft you have different types of power sources for replicas. Electricity, Compressed Air, Gas and CO2. Most of these are fairly self-explanatory, but when we look at Gas and CO2, there are a number of things that you have to take into account.

Choosing BB Weight For Your Airsoft Gun


Krale Airsoft talks about which BB weight to choose to use with your airsoft gun. Should be helpful for those still learning all about the different BB weights available in the market... "Within the airsoft sport, shooting is done with small plastic balls, called BB's. These BB's are available in all kinds of different weights, types and colours. But what is really important?

What To Choose As Your First Airsoft Replica


Another round of airsoft tips for beginners. Krale Airsoft gives pointers on what to choose in getting your first airsoft gun... "It's time! You have decided to start with airsoft and are planning to purchase your first replica. You start roaming around the internet, come across all kinds of models and types, but you have no idea what's what? So many different terms that you can no longer see the forest for the trees!

Don't worry, we'll help you out.

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