Which Connector is Better For Your Airsoft Gun?


Is it Tamiya or Deans? Krale Airsoft talks about the battery connectors to use for your AEGs in this video... "Connecting a battery to power your AEG airsoft replica is quite essential to make it work. But for new players and probably also a few experienced ones, there are questions about which of the two most popular connections is the better one.

Krale Airsoft: The Origins of Airsoft


It's the history of airsoft as told by Krale Airsoft. If you want to brush up on your knowledge on the beginning of airsoft, then better watch this... "As enjoyers and enthusiasts of a sport and hobby, it’s often good to take a step back to learn and appreciate how and where it all started.

"Is This Airsoft Gun Worth the Hype?"


Krale Airsoft reviews the Krytac EMG Cybergun FN P90 AEG if it is worth the hype since it was released... "An iconic submachine gun. Easily recognized by its profile and look. Printed in the minds of many an airsoft player because of its presence in pop culture. From video games, TV shows, movies and even anime, it’s featured a lot. And because of that, it brings a kind of nostalgic feeling with it. But the submachine gun we’re talking about isn’t only iconic because of this.

Airsoft Safety 101: Trigger Discipline & Safe Handling


Krale Airsoft does an Airsoft Safey 101 series, starting on trigger discipline and handling airsoft guns safely... "While airsoft can be a fun and exciting activity it’s important to prioritize safety at all times to prevent accidents and injuries. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, taking the time to learn about airsoft gun safety can make all the difference in having a fun and safe experience for everyone.

Unboxing The Wolverine MTW-9 Series


Wolverine Airsoft got their own PCC-style offering in the form of the MTW-9 HPA series and they are available at Krale Airsoft in the Netherlands. Here is what they say about his compact HPA airsoft guns... "Join us for an in-depth look at the Wolverine Airsoft MTW-9 Series. This series of submachine guns packs a punch with its HPA system.

In-Depth Look At Warrior Assault Systems Plate Carriers


Krale Airsoft shows the various plate carriers from Warrior Assault Systems in this episode... "It is very important to carry accessories, magazines, communication tools and all other things you need during airsoft or maybe even in real military situations. And of course you want the carrying system you use to offer all the space you need, to be sturdy and, above all, to be comfortable. Warrior Assault Systems might be able to help you with that.

"Is This The Best Performing Airsoft GBBR?"


Krale Airsoft talks about the Tokyo Marui MK18 Gas Blowback Rifle and if it is the best performing gas blowback rifle right now... "Original Colt markings, cerakote body, Daniel Defense licensed handguard, powerful recoil, the Tokyo Marui ZET system, and much more! This is the Tokyo Marui MK18 MOD 1 GBB.

Everything You Need To Know About Airsoft Inner Barrels


Another session with Krale Airsoft as they explain inner barrels used in airsoft in this video... "The inner barrel, a component in every airsoft replica that plays an important role when it comes to shot range and accuracy. Within this part there are different lengths, materials, connections and, above all, different diameters.

Krale Airsoft On The Tokyo Marui SGR-12 AES


With the release of a clone of by CYMA, we take another look at the original, the Tokyo Marui SGR-12 AES in this video by Krale Airsoft... "Tokyo Marui, a brand that has a big name thanks to their high quality, eye for detail and above all innovation within the airsoft world. In collaboration with the video game company CAPCOM, this Japanese airsoft manufacturer has developed an AES, Automatic Electric Shotgun, based on the design of the Thor's Hammer.

Getting The Best Out Of Your Airsoft Replica


Krale Airsoft talks about the Maple Leaf Crazy Jet Inner Barrels if you want to eke out more performance out of your airsoft gun... "The Crazy Jet Inner Barrels from Maple Leaf have an interesting feature that might help you get the desired result out of your airsoft replica.

As the name suggests, the inner barrels of this series contain the Crazy Jet technology that Maple Leaf has developed to improve the performance of replicas. Time to dive right in, and see what this technology is about.

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