Storm Riders Call Your Hits Episode 167


Storm Riders Call Your Hits Episode 167

The Storm Riders talk about the Americal Milsim Atlantic Front event in episode 167 of their Call Your Hits podcast series... "In this episode, Chris from Nomad Airsoft talks about his experience at the American Milsim event, Atlantic Front. He discusses the lead-up to the event, Nomad's role as squad leaders, and the challenges they faced during the gameplay. 

He discusses the night portion of the game, the change in game times, the importance of coordination and communication within a squad, the use of the Ares Alpha app, and the composition of the opposing teams. They also talk about the challenges of capturing checkpoints and the importance of regrouping and taking breaks when needed.

Overall, Chris is excited about his team's performance at Atlantic Front and is confident about the upcoming event Ironhorse."

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