Being Aggressive In CQB


In episode 157 of the "Call Your Hits" series of the Storm Riders, they discuss about aggression in CQB... "In this episode, Phil discusses the topic of being aggressive in airsoft with Mat. They explore the definition of aggressive play styles and how to improve aggression on the field. The importance of planning and preparation is emphasized, as well as the concept of violence of action.

They provide insights on adapting to unfamiliar fields and encouraging aggression in beginner players.

Prepping for 2024's Airsoft MilSim Events #2


In part 2 of November Foxtrot's episode 157 in their podcast series, they continue on about preparing for events lined up in 2024... "Ahoy and welcome to November Foxtrot! On episode 157 we will be finishing the two parter of our Prepping for 2024's Airsoft MilSim Events.

Storm Riders Call Your Hits Episode 154


Episode 54 of the "Call Your Hits" series is Storm Riders' New Year 2024 episode for year... "In this episode, Pat and Phil discuss the changes they have witnessed in the world of airsoft since they started playing. They talk about the decrease in the cost of playing airsoft in Canada and the increased availability of gear. They also discuss the transition from playing in outdoor fields to curated fields and how their mindset and approach to the game have evolved over time."

Galactic Civil War Fate's Grasp


In episode 155 of the Storm Riders' "Call Your Hits" podcast series and it's about an airsoft event called "Galactic Civil War Fate's Grasp"... "In this episode, Chris Schultz, also known as the 6mm Mandalorian, discusses the evolution of the Galactic Civil War event series and the introduction of the Battlefront series.

UKAL Podcast Pod 4


Special guest in UK Airsoft Ladies' podcast episode is also an airsoft podcast --- NoFo or November FoxTrot Milsim... "Join the UK Airsoft Ladies as they host their podcast! They'll be chatting to the November Foxtrot Podcasters about their upcoming events, airsoft and much more!"

Airsoft & Life Lessons


A two-hour and 20-minute discussion by TriFecta Airsoft of  a good number of topics in this episode... "Are you ready for a deep-dive into the high-stakes, adrenaline-packed world of airsoft gaming? Strap in as we, your hosts, and our special guests, Mark and Matt, pull back the curtain on the intricate artistry, state-of-the-art devices, and potential sponsorships that catapult this sport to thrilling new heights.

Working Out while Playing Airsoft


Do you need to hit the gym if you play airsoft? Getting fit is always recommended, but does it require more gym work? Defrowe Airsoft talks about this in this episode... "Airsoft is a physically demanding sport that requires strategy, teamwork, and agility. In recent years, there has been a growing discussion about the role of exercise and physical fitness in enhancing Airsoft performance. This article explores the relationship between exercise, fitness, and success in the world of Airsoft."

UK Airsoft Ladies Podcast Episode 1


The UK Airsoft Ladies got their own podcast series which we encourage everyone to follow to check about their experiences with the hobby. Founded in early 2022 the UK Airsoft Ladies (UKAL) has grown into a supportive community for female airsoft enthusiasts in the UK.

Bridging The Gap MilSim & Skirmishing


In episode 144 of November Foxtrot, they talk with Defiant Events about milsim and skirmishing... "This episode we are joined by the Gentlemen from Defiant to chat about their latest event - Operation Irene (if you're not sure where you might have heard that before - watch Black Hawk Down). They will also be chatting about their upcoming event and discussing with us the subject of how or if we should - bridge the gap between airsoft MilSim and Skirmishing."

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