RWTV: EMG Lancer Systems L15 Defense AEG


RWTV: EMG Lancer Systems L15 Defense AEG

King Arms announced over the weekend the release of the licensed EMG Lancer Systems L15 Defense AEG and we now have RedWolf Airsoft TV giving their take on this carbon fibre AEG... "Since 2007, Lancer's primary focus has been designing superior, more reliable firearms and components for American warfighters, law enforcement officers, and discerning shooting sports enthusiasts. Lancer has brought firearms technology into the new millennium by combining advanced materials with cutting-edge manufacturing processes. Lancer products are currently in use by many of the world's elite military units, government agencies, and top-level competitive shooters across multiple disciplines. The L15 Defense is the core rifle Lancer provides with upgraded components that are different than your standard AR15 platform. Featuring Lancer's LCH7 handguard, and Lancer Adaptive Magwell, the L15 provides top-tier ergonomics and control."

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