RunCam ScopeCam Plus Mounted On HPA-Powered MP7


AirsoftNext RunCam ScopeCam Plus Mounted On HPA-Powered MP7

AirsoftNEXT got a gameplay video showing how a RunCam ScopeCam Plus mounted HPA-powered MP7 can capture video footage. The ScopeCam Plus is a gun camera that lets you capture your shooting experience in high-quality video. It has a 2.7K resolution, a fast frame rate, and a zoom function that can record the target from 5 to 150 meters away. You can easily start and stop recording with a slide button and a vibration feedback. You can also connect it to your smartphone to preview, edit, and share your videos. ScopeCam Plus has a long-lasting battery that can record up to 6 hours of 2.7K video.

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