"Tokyo Marui MP7 GBB Is Insane"


It looks like BBCarty had fun playing with the Tokyo Marui MP7 Gas Blowback SMG in this game... "In this Tokyo Marui MP7 gameplay, you'll see just how insane this GBBR AIRSOFT TOY  is! With incredible accuracy and power, this AIRSOFT REPLICA is perfect for anyone looking for a powerful gun that is easy to use.

Airsoft Chay On The VFC MP7 GEN2 GBB SMG


A quick unboxing and overview video made by Airsoft Chay on the licensed VFC MP7 Gen 2 Gas Blowback SMG. VFC has updated their MP7 GBB SMG with steel internals, making it more robust and long-lasting than other MP7s. It is fully licensed by Umarex and features a solid, lightweight design with a hard kick and fast rate of fire. The stock can fully extend and the iron sights have two settings. It also has an upper rail for additional sights and a fold-out foregrip for stability.

Angry Gun QD Suppressor For VFC MP7 GBB w/ AceTech Tracer


Airsoft Chay tries the Angry Gun QD Suppressor For VFC MP7 GBB with an AceTech Tracer unit if it works well. The Angry Gun MP7 QD Silencer includes the AceTech AT2000R Tracer unit that is a high-performance tracer that uses 1x 10440 Li-ion 3.7V battery, which can last for up to 20,000 rounds. It features an improved illuminator for enhanced BB glow activation, resulting in an ultra-bright trace. The tracer can sustain a rate of fire up to 1800 RPM and has an auto power-off function.

Simisdim On The Tokyo Marui MP7 GBB


The Tokyo Marui MP7 Gas Blowback SMG is often compared to the VFC MP7 GBB, which is more faithful in replicating the real MP7. In this video Simisdim tries it to see how it performs... "Welcome back to ANOTHER review! This time we take a look at the fabled Tokyo Marui MP7 GBB, will it be great? Or just, not..."

RunCam ScopeCam Plus Mounted On HPA-Powered MP7


AirsoftNEXT got a gameplay video showing how a RunCam ScopeCam Plus mounted HPA-powered MP7 can capture video footage. The ScopeCam Plus is a gun camera that lets you capture your shooting experience in high-quality video. It has a 2.7K resolution, a fast frame rate, and a zoom function that can record the target from 5 to 150 meters away. You can easily start and stop recording with a slide button and a vibration feedback.

Is The WELL R4 MP7 AEP Worth It?


Heavy Metal Jacket Airsoft takes a look at the WELL R4 MP7 AEP if it is worth the money paid for it and it is an affordable MP7 AEP. Our experience when it was first introduced was to recommend sticking with the Marui one, but were there improvements over time? Wathc the video... "In this video we take a look at this inexpensive option for an airsoft MP7 and how if set up nicely, it can make quite an effective CQB primary."

This Tokyo Marui MP7 GBB Is Awesome


That's what Fulcrum says about the Tokyo Marui MP7 GBB in this video review. Find out why by watching it... "In this airsoft review I take a look at the Tokyo Marui MP7 GBB airsoft SMG, which is one of my father's airsoft guns and our newest airsoft gun in our airsoft collection. I discuss our experience and opinions of this airsoft MP7 and why we think this airsoft TM MP7 GBB is an awesome bit of kit!

Umarex MP7 LPAEG


Green Tea Guns says that Umarex MP7 LPAEG is the worst in his collection. Find out why in the video... "This low powered MP7 is certainly... interesting. It may not give the most fps, or even work properly, but it still has the style points. So I GUESS it isn't the worst, but let me know what you think!"



Airsoft Alfonse goes into action in this video armed with an MP7 which he says is the ultimate SMG in airsoft... "Abandoned Factory + Nuke Town + SC Village HPA MP7 Airsoft Gameplay / First Impressions! After years of suffering (6 Broken MP7 AEGs Later) we finally have a working VFC MP7 (HPA). Internal HPA upgrade stuff made by my friends at (Stampede Airsoft / Bull-craft Industries).

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