Elite Force Airsoft H&K MP7 Gen 2 AEG


Up next for Nigel of Elite Force to present is the licensed Elite Force Airsoft H&K MP7 Gen 2 AEG... "The H&K licensed MP7 Gen 2 AEG is unlike any other MP7 airsoft replica that came before it. Boasting full electric powered velocity of 345 feet per second in semi or full auto, this compact SMG stands alone in performance, design and practicality."

Tokyo Marui MP7 Li-Po Adapter AEP


For MP7 AEP owners, here is a Li-Po Adapter they can use so they can power their AEPs with Lipo batteries. Softair Zone tells more... "This practical adapter eliminates the need for mods or soldering to equip the Well or Umarex MP7 models with Li-Pos. The ROF and the power becomes more constant and the Li-PO lasts a long time. Especially since you can choose the performance here in the accessories.

MP7 Breaks Into Half During An Airsoft Game


Well, sometimes it happens. GuidoFTO got this gameplay footage showing an airsoft MP7 break into half. Watch the game if you can identify the brand... "A very special game of Airsoft... despite the fact that the MP7 suffered an accident, it didn't happen to majors and it still works, yes, I almost got upset when I saw it divided into 2 hahaha! For the rest, we had a lot of fun even though we were 5 people we were able to play, anyways...

Action Army AAP01 Into An MP7-Style SMG


Gae Bong Soon got a 3D printed CCK for the Action Army AAP-01 Gas Blowback Pistol. The design makes the conversion into an MP7-style gas blowback SMG. An interesting CCK, it hits two birds with one stone, no need to purchase an MP7 GBB separately and you have a sidearm too.

Nineball Picatinny Rear Stock Base For Tokyo Marui MP7


What if installing a stock is as easy as mounting one on a Picatinny rail? That's what you can do with the Nineball Picatinny Rear Stock Base For Tokyo Marui MP7 from Laylax... "Simple installation for increased customizability, the picatinny stock base allows for endless stock options. Pair the integrated QD sling swivel mount with a sling for a stockless option, or attached any variety of buffer tubes, folding rail stocks, or other stocks with ease.

Hyperdouraku: Tokyo Marui MP7 AEP Review


Since its release 16 years ago, the Tokyo Marui MP7 AEP remains a favourite amongst players looking for a compact airsoft gun for CQB games even with the VFC MP7 which is fully 1:1 scale available in the market. Hyperdouraku takes a look again at this compact primary that is also a go to backup by airsoft snipers in this video review.

MP7 Gas Blowback Gameplay


Talk about committment. Stef Airsoft travels a good distance to get some action with his MP7 gas blowback... "Hi guys! In today's video I travelled 600km to play on a sick CQB field. It was abandoned hotel near the sea side. We played against the boys of Dolni Chiflik Airsoft.

I really recommend the place."

Umarex MP7A1 AEP At Airsoft Sports


If you are disappointed with the Tokyo Marui MP7A1 AEP not being really 1:1 scale, you can always go for the Umarex MP7A1 AEP whether the Gen 1 and Gen 2. Airsoft Sports got the gen 2  in stock and here is their overview... "A brief overview of the airsoft submachine gun: MP7A1 Gen.2 from Umarex (VF1-LMP7-BK02). You can buy and get acquainted with more detailed technical characteristics on our website."

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