Robo-Airsoft: Broken Home 7 Part Three


The final part of Robo-Airsoft's American Milsim Broken Home 7 is now online... "In this episode of PPT, we dive into the 3rd and final instalment of the footage I collected while at American Milsim's Broken Home 7 at D-Day Adventure Park down in Wyandotte, OK.

I showcase some small-unit tactics that Green squad employed on the second day of the event, during two different situations. The first, watch as we use our small and agile size to out maneuver, flank, and ambush a larger CoST element who are pressuring the front line. Second, we use our speed and small-footprint to rush the Chuch in Coleville that our larger UFS elements were having trouble getting near. I think you're going to like the action in this one!"

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