Qore Performance IcePlate MOLLE Review


Robo-Airsoft reviews the new IcePlate from Qore Performance designed to keep you cool in the field... "In this edition of Robo-Reviews, I go over the new production version of the IcePlate plate carrier pocket, the IcePlate MOLLE Sleeve, or IMS6. I go into the history of the IcePlate since it's been released, and the design iterations that the IMS6 has gone through in order to get to this point.

Robo-Airsoft: New Dawn 2 Part 1


Another Pew Pew Time video from Robo-Airsoft as he participates in New Dawn 2 in Canada. This is part 1 of the gameplay footage... "In this episode of PPT, we dive into a brand new series covering an event I went to here in Canada, New Dawn 2, which took place at a decommissioned community college.

We begin right at the start of the game, with our squad crossing a creek and assaulting the dormitory buildings on the other side of the map from our CP."

Evike: Rescue Robo Murray Copperhead 4


Some gameplay footage from Evike.com during the American Milsim Operation Copperhead 4. The Milsim event took palce last 1-2 September 2018 during the Labor Day Weekend in Playas, New Mexico... "Intense and dramatic Milsim style gameplay through the eyes of Zulu Platoon Squad."

Robo-Airsoft: Siege Of Antioch Montage


Robo-Airsoft was at the Gamepod Combat Zone in Antioch for the Siege of Antioch game hosted by Evike.com to mark the opening of their new Outpost... "I attended the Grand Opening of the Evike Outpost at Gamepod event – Siege of Antioch – at the start of August in Antioch, CA, USA.

Robo-Airsoft: Broken Home 7 Part Three


The final part of Robo-Airsoft's American Milsim Broken Home 7 is now online... "In this episode of PPT, we dive into the 3rd and final instalment of the footage I collected while at American Milsim's Broken Home 7 at D-Day Adventure Park down in Wyandotte, OK.

Robo-Airsoft: Broken Home 7 Part Two


Part 2 of the American Milsim Broken Home 7 as seen from the eyes of Robo-Airsoft is up... "In this episode of PPT, we jump into Part Two of my footage from American Milsim's Broken Home 7 - which took place at the end of May in OK, USA.

Robo-Airsoft: Broken Home 7 Part One


Robo-Airsoft crosses the U.S-Canada border again to join in the American Milsim Broken Home 7 event last month. Here is part one of his videos... "In this episode of PPT, we jump into Part One of my footage from American Milsim's Broken Home 7 - which took place at the end of May in OK, USA.

Robo-Airsoft: Siege Airsoft 3-Yr. Anniversary


Robo-Airsoft drops by Siege Airsoft to take part in their 3rd year anniversary celebrations... "I attended the 3 Year Anniversary event at one of my favorite indoor airsoft fields, Siege Airsoft in Toronto, Canada. Myself and one of my close friends, Ray, went to Toronto for the day, despite horrendous, late-Spring snow/ice storms, so we could take part in the festivities, hang out with the local airsoft communities, and to get some indoor gameplay in.

Robo-Airsoft: WGT Consulting Pew Pew


Robo-Airsoft reveals that he has joined WGC Consulting, which offers firearms training solutions, in 2017 and he shows some of pew pew videos with them... "I was honored to join WGT Consulting last year; it's opened the door to me shooting more than I ever have in my life.

Here is a collection of footage from 2017 and the very start of 2018 of all of my firearms adventures over the last 12 months or so. I can't wait to bring you all along for whatever 2018 has in store.

Robo-Airsoft Copperhead 3 Gameplay Part 2


Part 2 of Operation Copperhead gameplay taken by Robo-Airsoft an be viewed YouTube. This event took place last year.... "In this episode of Pew Pew Time - we jump into part two of my American Milsim's Copperhead 3 footage. We pick up with Delta squad being tasked with a FRAGO to find and secure a downed friendly pilot. We are trucked into the approximate location of the pilot, where we have to conduct house to house raids in order to find the pilot.

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