Milspex ELCN 4x Red / Green Illuminated Reticle Scope


This one's a more reasonably priced ELCAN replica. You can get this at RedWolf Airsoft for US$75.90... "Go Canuck with this 4x32 ELCN scope with both red and green illumination modes. With a durable shock resistant rubberized shell and back up iron sights on top, this scope is a great choice for any railed gun. With an extremely easy to see reticule, and red and green illumination for low light situations, this replica ELCN scope is great for rapid target acquisition.

This scope even features an anti-stripping knob on the clamp to prevent over-tightening.

This scope makes a great alternative to an ACOG, not to mention it's much less cliche.

How about it eh? "

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