The Elcan Specter: Canada's Pride & Joy


Delta Thirty Four got some nice things to say about the Elcan Specter, with replicas of it widely available in the airsoft market... "If this optic temps you like it does the rest of us well you're in for a treat. The Canadian's really showed the world what an optic can be with this model."

Evolution Gear Elcan DR 1.5-6X Replica


Ghost6en talks about an Elcan DR 1.5-6X Replica for airsoft use that is available from Evolution Gear... "Hey warfighters today we review the ELCAN Specter DR 1.5-6x Dual Role combat sight, from Evolution Gear airsoft store! The ELCAN 6x is a scope quite used in SCAR-H of the Special Forces Units, mainly by MARSOCS and Green Berets!"

Replica Elcan Specter DR 4x32mm For Airsoft


Ghost6ten BR gives his two cent's worth on this replica of the Elcan Specter DR made for airsoft use... "Hey guys this is my quick review about the Elcan Specter DR 4x 32mm, is a very good replica to airsoft use! It is a very reliable optic to use in your gun! So think about it, in most of times it’s better than other regular scopes!

Hope you like the vid and don’t forget to check my other videos!"

Elcan Spectre DR Replica Review


Alecmac111 is back from his hiatus and talks about this Elcan Spectre DR replica for airsoft use that he thinks is the best replica in the market. Reticle colour can be changed from green to red and also adusted for magnification with 4x magnification.

Loken Elcan SpecterDR Gen III Replica


The Tactical Funboys dropped us a note about the Elcan SpectrerDR Gen III replica made for airsoft use. This is made by Lokan Elcan Replicas and it was mounted on the VFC MK18 AEG during the recent StrikeCon 2019 which is the Russian Airsoft Convention. Just turn on your language caption to follow the video as it is in Russian.

Learn more here.

New Product Videos from Airsoft Taiwan


Here's a new video for the weekend from Airsoft Taiwan showing some products that you can order from them such as the SpecterDR replica from G&G Armament, the Tokyo Marui MP7 SMG, the M1885 revolver from Gun Heaven, and C44 Part from RA Tech for the FPG. More of this in the video below or visit their online store to find pricing and stock availability.

Matrix/G&P M145 ELCAN Sight Review


What's Angus holding there? Oh! That's an ELCAN sight on that thingy and that's the subject of the latest Deathcore Airsoft review... "Today we have the review of the Matrix/G&P ELCAN Style Airsoft Sight; this is a hefty 4x magnification sight that is moreso designed for a SAW. However, it is not a bad sight (despite its eye relief) if you are looking for a unique optic on your assault AEG!"

Milspex ELCN 4x Red / Green Illuminated Reticle Scope


This one's a more reasonably priced ELCAN replica. You can get this at RedWolf Airsoft for US$75.90... "Go Canuck with this 4x32 ELCN scope with both red and green illumination modes. With a durable shock resistant rubberized shell and back up iron sights on top, this scope is a great choice for any railed gun. With an extremely easy to see reticule, and red and green illumination for low light situations, this replica ELCN scope is great for rapid target acquisition.

ELCAN M 145 Optical Sight Price Lowered


Diamond Back Tactical has lowered the price of the ELCAN M145 Optical Sight while supplies last... "The ELCAN M145 Optical Sight combines ELCAN’s legendary robustness and optical brilliance with a ballistically calibrated LED-illuminated ranging reticle. Designed for application on Machine Guns and M4 Carbines, it is in wide service with the United States Army (NSN 1240-01-411-6350) and has been proven to withstand the rigors of modern combat.

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