LCT Zastava M70 AB2 AEG Review


Another review of the LCT Airsoft Zastava AEG, with full take down and chrono by Airsoft & Military News... "The M70AB2 feels like an LCT AEG from back in the days when LCT was producing OEM kits for Inokatsu – solid, well made and top performing. If the retail price of around 400 USD is justified is quite hard to tell without looking at the AEG from different angles.

The quality is top notch and you can tell the difference when looking at the slightly cheaper AK models from LCT and models from other manufacturers. The gearbox is reinforced and works flawlessly. So from a pure quality point of view, the price may be justified.

Besides the high price, the lack of compatibility with other AK accessories might narrow down the circle of buyers even more.

The LCT M70AB2 is an AEG for collectors and purists, for com-block fans and those who have always wanted to own a rare AK variant as an AEG that clearly stands out.

If you enjoy quality craftsmanship and don’t feel the need for adding a lot of accessories, the M70AB2 is for you. If you are looking for an AK AEG that is a bit more customizable, LCT offers a wide range of AK variants and I’m sure you find one that fits your needs."

Read the full review here. For the German/Deutsch version, click here.

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