LCT Airsoft PKP & RPD Classic Machine Gun Loadouts


LCT Airsoft sent in images showing loadouts/impressions with their PKP and RPD AEGs... "They can’t only hold amount of BBs (5000 & 2800RDS) but also the distinction with their exceptional appearance. By seeing the classic RPD, those veterans’ memories can’t help arising in mind.

Now sit down, have a cup of tea and narrate the story out."


LCT Airsoft RPK Modular


LCT Airsoft got something for the glee of RPK AEG owners, modular parts for them to mix and match to come up with a configuration according to their requirments of course, taste. Text sent in by Benita... "Let’s take a look at beautiful RPK modularization this week! Don’t tell me you don’t have a crush on this beauty cuz I do! Make sure you check out all the modular parts link below!"


Gorky Team Bratva: LCT Airsoft AK47 AEG


Gorky Team Bratva takes a look at the classic AK47 in the form of the LCT Airsoft AK47 AEG in this video review... "Thanks to Samael for the loan of this rare replica. Once again LCT delights us with its exterior and disappoints us with the internal performance of the replicas."

LCT Airsoft LC-3, LK-33 & LK-53 Series Available


Another reminder from LCT Airsoft about the availability of their LC-3, LK-33 and LK-53 series. Interested resellers can contact them for bulk orders. Benita sent in some information via email... "I’m bringing you guys with our lovely German family line back again this week!

Features from LCT LC-3/LK-33/LK-53 Series:

LCT Airsoft Front Kits & Slim Pistol Grips


Easter Sunday news from LCT Airsoft are more kits to help owner of the LCKM AEGs to change their looks. The first ones are Plum plastic and Wooden handguards for the front area. The second oneis tthe slim pistol grip in black, bakelite, and dark red. Check with your retail if they are going to have these in stock.

Q&A On The LCT Airsoft LC-3 Series


Got questions about the LC-3 series from LCT Airsoft? Benita got you covered in episode 12 of LCT Fresh News... "Here comes the Q&A episode to answer questions from you guys! Find out more in the video now. Thank you all for your consistent support and make sure you comment below if you’re curious about any other things!"

AK Babies From LCT Airsoft


The compact AK Babies from LCT Airsoft are available. These compact and cute AK AEGs should meet your requirements for an easy to handle AEG for CQB games... "As for this week, we're sharing our 'BABIES' here with you. Well dressed, shiny polished BABIES definitely deserve a nice day out!

Are you ready to take them out this weekend?"

Timerzanov Airsoft's LCT Airsoft RPKS74 AEG Review


How will this Soviet-design weapon replica, the LCT Airsoft RPKS74 AEG, stand the scrutiny of Timerzanov Airsoft?... "Hi all ! Today I offer you an RPK-type support replica! A Soviet submachine gun. LCT offers us here an RPKS74 AEG with a more than remarkable external finish. I invite you to relax in front of this video!"

GunfireTV's LCT Airsoft SVD AEG Review


The new LCT Airsoft SVD AEG gets reviewed by Leszek and this is now available at Gunfire... "Fans of wood and steel will be satisfied. The replica of the legendary rifle is now available at Gunfire! Leszek will show you how the newest SWD LCT replica looks like - both inside and outside. Steel was used to make the body, barrel, gas block, muzzle device, sights, grip montage, magazine, and all the small parts.

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