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LCT Airsoft

WGC Shop: LCT Airsoft AEG Restock

Looking for an LCT Airsoft AEG, better point your browser to the WGC Shop online store as they got a restock of LCT stuff. They have back in stock the new LC3 (G3) AEG series as well as the LCK-74MN and the AS VAL Full Steel AEG. Click here to find out further what is back on their shelves.

LCT LC-3 G3 AEG Unboxing By AirsoftBB

Brian of AirsoftBB sends in news about unboxing video they made unpacking the LCT Airsoft LC3 AEG... "Today i share with you our latest unboxing about the new LCT LC3 ( G3 ) make it with Kulebra, one of our staff reviewers. The LC3 be the latest G3 in the market and looks really really good.

This German beauty be developed by Heckler & Kotch and based on the spanish CETME  and are made from real steel with a incredible details on his body.

Gunfire: LCT Airsoft LC-3A3-S AEG

The LCT Airsoft's G3 version, the LC-3A3-S, is available at Gunfire. Leszek features this AEG im this video presentation... "Quick review of the new replica from LCT. What do Leszek think about it? Check out it in our new movie.

Taiwanese LCT company is proud to present the first on the airsoft market replica of powerful G3 assault rifle that has been brought as close to the original as possible and made of materials similar to those of the live firearm original."

Airsoftology: New Airsoft Guns From LCT

Another video from Airsoftology showing Jonathan Higgs at the TWAAA Camo Festival 2017 that took place early this year. He checks out some upcoming airsoft guns from LCT Airsoft... "Jonathan visits the LCT airsoft booth at Camo Show 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan to show you the latest releases... and they aren't M4s!"

Mach Sakai: LCT LC-3A3 AEG Review

Latest for Mach Sakai to subject to scrutiny and performance test is the LC-3A3 AEG from LCT Airsoft. Based on the Heckler & Koch G3A3 rifle, this AEG is a full steel one with the exception of the stock, grip, and handguard which are made of Nylon. This AEG can accept any mount that is designed for HK G3.

BB2K Airsoft: LCT LC-3/G3A3 Review

BB2K Airsoft gives his stamp of approval to the LCT Airsoft's rendition of the German G3A3 rifle in the form of the LCT LC-3A3 in this review... "The LC-3 from LCT is for me the best replica of the well-known German Sturmgewehr. With love for the details you have a 1:1 replica which makes the collectors and players heart beat faster. Completely made of steel with nylon reinforced plastic stock/handguard, this replica brings stability and a weight of 4.5kg like the real steel.

Firesupport: LCT Airsoft LC-3A3 Pre-Order

Firesupport are expecting the arrival of the new LCT Airsoft LC-3A3 AEGs later this month and they are now taking pre-orders... "LCT G3A3 OD and Black versions PRE ORDER. ONLY £349. We expect to be able to post these to customers within 3 weeks not allowing for couriers and customs delays.

LCT LC-3 SG1 & IWA 2018 Announcement

Another product will be released this month and it is a variant of the LCT Airsoft LC-3, the SG1 AEG. This is basically based on the G3SG/1, the Scharfschützengewehr "sharpshhooting rifle." Also, they want to post photos of players with their products at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2018 so if you've got one, send it in to them.

The New LCT Airsoft LC-3A3-S AEG At Gunfire

The latest release from LCT Airsoft, the LCT LC-3A3-S AEG is available now at Gunfire... ""One of the hottest premieres of this year! We are proud to announce that the powerful LC-3A3-S LCTairsoft rifle is now available in Gunfire shop. As the exclusive distributor of the brand we invite you to visit our website, because only there you can check out this amazingly realistic and precisely made replica.

RWTV: LCT G3A3 AEG - It's A Steal

We get to see the LCT Airsoft LC3 AEG (or the G3 AEG) closer this time as Tim of RWTV checks it out in this video review. This AEG is now available at RedWolf Airsoft... "LCT have been teasing their fans with pictures of the G3A3 AEG and now it’s here for Tim to handle. About time!"