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LCT Airsoft

WMASG Interview With LCT Airsoft

WMASG are putting up a series of videos featuring the big bosses of airsoft companies. They start with LCT Airsoft when they visited Taiwan late last year. WMASG is the most followed airsoft news and community in Poland and is very much an active media group for airsoft in Europe.

USAirsoft: LCT LC-3 AEG Review

USAirsoft is very much impressed with the LCT Airsoft LC-3 AEG, saying that it is one of the best airsoft guns he has reviewed. The AEG which is based on the Heckler & Koch G3 rifle, is part of the LC-3 Series with a new one to be released this month, the LC-3AR. Find out in the video why he is much impressed:

LCT LC-3AR AEG 27 February Release

The reveal of the LCT Airsoft LC-3AR AEG got mixed reception. There are those who prefer its original look rather than this updated look with the LC036 Stock Tube Set and the LC3-RS Railed Handguard. The AEG has a 9mm bearing gearbox and the company and is announced to be released on the 27th of February 2018.

LCT AK105 SBR With Gate Titan

Mach Sakai checks out an LCT Airsoft AK105 SBR that has been kitted with the Gate Electronics Titan MOSFET for this video. He checks the accuracy and range in a steel challenge rapid shooting at 10, 20, 30, 40 metres. The Gate Electronics Titan is available for version 3 gearboxes now.

LCT Airsoft AIM Carbine AEG Review

Burntwolf Airsoft checks out the Romanian AK from LCT Airsoft, the LCT AIM AEG.. "Right then you Orrible lot this week on Burntwolf Airsoft im going to be taking alot at the AIM Carbine by LCT. Now im a big fan of my AK47s and this is a fantastic looking airsoft gun based on the Romanian carbine version of the AKM with a full metal and wood construction the entire build is very solid nothing shakes or rattles.

LCT Airsoft: The Modular LCT AK

If you have not heard about this before, here is another reminder that LCT Airsoft AKs are modular allowing you to interchange parts from other LCT Airsoft AK AEGs... "Please note that this video states 'Modular', not 'Customized.' It means that LCT has many AK modular parts that can be interchanged, so if you buy those parts, you can make your own original style AK."

Coming Soon: LCT Airsoft LC-3AR AEG

Now we get to see more photos of the upcoming LCT Airsoft LC-3AR AEG. A follow through in their LC-3 Series, this AEG is made of railed handguard, full steel with 9mm bearings. It can be powered with a 11.1V 20C Lipoly Battery and comes with a 140-round magazine. No dates announced yet for its release.

Hyperdouraku: LCT G3A3 AEG Review

The next one to review the new LCT Airsoft LC-3A3 (G3A3) AEG is Hyperdouraku, which means the AEG is now available in Japan. He reviews the S variant, or the Slimline LC-3A3, as shown by a slimmer profile at the handguard area. Gotaro Toi does the review this time, showing the features of this AEG based on the iconic German rifle.

Read the full review here and below is the video overview:

LCT Airsoft: Coming Soon In 2018

LCT Airsoft released a teaser video giving us a glimpse of what they will release this year. The first one is the PKP AEG which they are targetting June 2018 as the release month. The second one is another G3 AEG, the LC-3A4 which is based on the G3A4 which has a collapsible stock. The last one is the LC-3 AR which probably is an LC-3 that has a flat rail mounted on it to easily attach weapons accessories.

Sniper AS: LCT Airsoft LC-3 Review

Sniper AS got the LCT Airsoft LC-3 AEG available now and here is their take on this G3 airsoft  version... "Tom looks at LCT's LC-3 models and puts them through their paces. You will learn all about the technical details, the internals, which LC-3 models are available. In addition to the normal shooting test, you'll also see our new speed shooting for the first time on this video, where Tom sets the first fastest time for long guns."