LCT Airsoft Daytona AK


The Real Deal Airsoft shows his favourite airsoft gun, an LCT Airsoft AK that has been kitted with the Daytona Airsoft engine... "WHAT'S UP GUYS! Today I'm talking a little bit about my favorite gun in my Airsoft collection, my LCT Daytona AK!

LCT "1st Shoot Your LCT Fever" 12 March Deadline


With the LCT Airsoft "1st Shoot Your LCT Fever" video contest deadline looming, you better hurry up and finish your entry if you intend on winning this contest as submission ends on the 12th of March... "We sincerely invite you to participate the '1st Shoot your LCT Fever', the luxurious bonus are waiting for you.

The deadline will be on March 12, please seize the time to submit your work.

Aging An LCT Airsoft AK AEG


Part of a story on LCT Airsoft, 0'20 Magazine shows how an LCT AK is given the aged or stressed look which some airsoft players want on their airsoft guns... "In this video we are going to show you how to give that wear effect to the LCT AIRSOFT replica . We warn you, IT IS NOT A TUTORIAL, because it is a process as simple as picking up a sandpaper and frotat, and so personal that it depends on the taste of each one, you will have to do it in one way or another."

Up To 71% Off With Gunfire's Winter Reload Sale


Oh goodie! Another sales event at Gunfire that you might want to look into. They are having a Winter Reload Sale where prices are slashed up to 71% off their retail prices. Also they got new arrivals such as the LCT Z Series, Amoeba Striker, Camo Pen, Specna Arms CORE PDW and more novelties.

LCT Airsoft Z-Series Parts Review


The LCT Airsoft Z-Series, whether as complete airsoft guns or as furniture kits are available in the market. Inzzen TV does a review of the Z-Series parts which are Zenit-style external parts to give your AK AEG a more modern look and alows you to mount weapons accessories. The base gun used in the review is the LCT Airsoft LCK74 AEG.

DTW Airsoft On The LCT VSS Vintorez


DTW Airsoft gives his take on the airsoft version of the VSS Vintorez made by LCT Airsoft... "On this airsoft review we take a look at the LCT VSS Vintorez aeg. Looking at the externals and internals of this airsoft gun before taking it onto the range to find out the FPS and accuracy. Could this be a good base gun for an airsoft DMR?"

ASGI 1 Minute Review: LCT LC-3A3


Isaias gets hold of the LC-3A3 AEG from LCT Airsoft for this Airsoft GI 1 Minute Review... "LCT Airsoft is located in Changhua County, Taiwan. They are a professional airsoft AEG manufacture focusing on AEG designing, developing, and manufacturing. So far LCT has released many models of all steel made, high quality AEGs of the real AK series assault rifles.

LCT Airsoft EBB Series At Gunfire


New generation of LCT Airsoft AK AEGs come with the electric blowback feature and for old generation of LCT AKs, owners can look forward  to installing the kit. Gunfire got them in stock and here is Leszek to talk about them in 69 seconds.... "LCT replicas from the newest Electric Blow Back series now available at Gunfire! Assault rifles with the EBB system have an awesome recoil effect that brings the shooting from the replica more realistic."

BB2K Airsoft: LCT Airsoft AK-12 AEG


BB2K Airsoft does an unboxing video fo the LCT Airsoft AK-12 (LCK-12) AEG, an AEG sought after by airsoft players looking for the latest Russian weapon designs in airsoft... "Today I unpack the new LCT LCK-12 Airsoft for you. This 1: 1 replica of the 6P70 comes in full steel construction and makes an extremely solid impression. The length of the M4 Style shaft can be adjusted and folded. The ergonomic handle, the new magazine and the brutal Muzzle brake give the AK12 an aggressive look.

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