LCT Airsoft Products At The IWA Outdoor Classics 2023


Benita Lin of LCT Airsoft welcomed us at their booth during the IWA Outdoor Classics 2023 in Nuremberg, Germany to talk about what airsoft players can expect from them this year. First one is the SVD AEG with electronic trigger, quick spring change system, 9mm ball bearing gearbox, and steel ball bearing spring guide.

Next is what was already revealed during the MOA Exhibition 2022 in Taipei which is the LCT LP3K AEG and it is a combination of the LK-33 and LC-3 AEGs.

LCT SVD Dragunov Is Exceptional Externally


Gorky Team Bratva finds the LCT SVD Dragunov AEG to have exceptional externals. The version in the video has real wood furniture and full steel receiver. Battery is stick-type which is typical in AK-style AEGs and when purchased comes with a 55-BB round AEG magazine.

AS VAL Evolution PK414 & PK415


Wanting to customise your AS VAL AEGs made by LCT Airsoft? LCT Airsoft allows you to replace the stock with the PK415 Stock Tube for the LCT AS VAL and and also the PK414 Galil Stock for the LCT AS VAL and you get a folding stock made of aluminium/steel. Benita tells more in the video.'

LCT Airsoft RPK AEG At Vincent's Hobby Shop


Vincent's Hobby Shop in the Philippines presents an LCT AIrsoft RPK AEG as a sniper airsoft gun? Watch the video... "LCT RPK AK47 Sniper (TAIWAN) is a Full wood butt stock airsoft sniper with full metal body and built in bipod. This is good to use for airsoft battles because of the high fps."

The First Stainless Steel LCKM In The World


Who else will build a stainless steel LCKM but LCT Airsoft? Benita talks about the effort put into making the first Stainless Steel LCKM AEG in the world... "How much effort goes into stamping, calibration, and hand-polishing during the production of this product? We will reveal all the secrets!"

LCT Airsoft STK-74 At Airsoft Pro


Turgay of Airsoft Pro talks about the LCT Airsoft STK-74 that is available at their store. This AEG has a new 9mm Version 3 gearbox and is mainly made of stamped steel. It has a raied handguard and CNC'd aluminium pistol head and cylinder head. It has a 28mm CW thread with steel flash hider. It comes with a 130-BB round mid cap magazine when purchased.

Z Series-Z Sport Handguards From LCT Airsoft


In this video, LCT Airsoft presents the three handguards kits from the Z Series-Z Sport Handguard, Made of the 12U Kit, ZB-2U Rail, and the ZB-2 rail, these handguards are made for the LCT LCK-12, LCK-15, and LCK-19 AEGs. Check with your nearest retailers if they already have these in stock.

LCT Airsoft AS VAL Parts & Z Sports Handguard Coming Soon


This product update from LCT Airsoft was sent almost two weeks ago but it looks like it went to our SPAM folder but should make owners of the LCT AS VAL AEG and the LCT LCK12 AEG happy. The first one is comprised of the AS VAL Z-Stock Adapter, Galil Stock, Buffer Tube, and silencer rails. The second one is the Z Sports Handguard for the LCK12 (AK12) AEG available in two versions. Check the photos out to see which one you fancy for your LCT AEG.


MOA Exhibition 2022: LCT Airsoft LPPK-20, SVD-S & LP3K


LCT Airsoft are introducing new products for the airsoft market and these were on display during the MOA Exhibition 2022 in Taipei. The first one is the LPPK-20 AEG which for PP-19 Vityaz fans is a familiar design but for this AEG, LCT airsoft have introduced a new folding and retractable stock. As they have already SVD in wood and black colour, they are introducing the SVD-S with folding stock.

LCT Airsoft LCK-19 Folding & Fixed Stocks


Both the LCK-19 Folding and Fixed Stocks are now available according to LCT Airsoft. For owners of LCT AK AEGs, they need to check the compatibility before purchasing.

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