The Firearm Blog: Zastava M91 Sniper Rifle


In this video, The Firearm Blog reviews the Zastava M91 Sniper Rifle, the Serbian Dragunov... "James Reeves reviews the Serbian M91 Sniper Rifle. This modernized version of Zastava’s designated marksman rifle (DMR) shares some similarities with the famous SVD Dragunov but is actually a very different gun, even if it uses the same barrel length and caliber as the SVD. Is this gun still effective? How accurate is it?

The Firearm Blog: The Zastava M87


Another lesson of real world firearms as The Firearm Blog tells everything you need to know about the the Zastava M87 heavy machine gun... "Join James Reeves on an exhilarating journey to the heart of Serbia’s legendary Zastava Oružje factory.

The Firearm Blog Reviews The Zastava M21 Rifle


The Zastava M21 is the service rifle of the Serbian armed forces and it gets the scrutiny of The Firearm Blog in this video... "In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves is at Zastava Oruzje in Serbia to try out a number of their most famous (and infamous) small arms. In today’s video, James has the opportunity to shoot the M21. The Zastava M21 is similar to the Zastava M90 but it has a few changes making it something slightly different.

The Firearm Blog On The Zastava M19 MCS


Is the Zastava M19 MCS the next generation AK-47? Watch The Firearm Blog give the details on this Serbian-made rifle in this video... "In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves is personally visiting Zastava headquarters in Serbia to test out the successor to the legendary M70: the brand new Zastava M19 MCS (Modular Combat System)."

The Firearm Blog: Zastava “Black Spear” Serbian .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle


We love big, bad and long guns and The Firearm Blog shows us a .50 Cal sniper rifle form Zastava, the "Black Spear"... "In this episode of TFBTV Show Time, James Reeves is at the Lorist Gun Show in Serbia checking out the newest sniper rifle from Zastava, the M12 'Black Spear.' The Black Spear is a .50 BMG sniper rifle that is more or less an updated version of Zastava’s previous M93 'Black Arrow' .50BMG sniper rifle.

The Firearm Blog: Zastava M77 Overview


The Firearm Blog goes over the highlights of the Zastav M77, an AK-style rifle that fires the .308 round. Something we like to see in a gas blowback form in airsoft... "In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves is at Zastava USA to discuss the new import of the Zastava M77 rifle.

Bunny Custom: Zastava M70AB2 GBB Rifle


The bunnies at Bunny Workshop have been busy coming out with one custom gun after another in recent weeks. Their latest custom work is the Bunny Custom Zastava M70A2B2 Gas Blowback Rifle. This is based on the GHK AK GBB System with the LCT M70AB2 AEG as the body. It was given a full vintage refinishing with Zastava markings engraved. It has a custom modified receiver and Bolt Carrier.

Booligan: LCT Zastava M70 AB2 Preview


Booligan Airsoft gives us a preview of the LCT Airsoft Zastava AEG which will be reviewed for Airsoft Insider Magazine... "LCT is world renowned as being one of the highest quality manufacturers of AK type AEGs, so let's check out one of their more oddball models, the M70 AB2, available at!

We'll be giving this gun a full review in the next issue of Airsoft Insider magazine!"

AirSplat On Demand: LCT M70 AB2 AEG


The LCT Airsoft M70 AB2 AEG, also known as the Zastava, is now hitting the shelves of airsoft shops in the U.S. and has it in stock. This is full steel AEG with a Real Wood Handguard and underfolding stock. Thor talks about this AEG, which can easily be mistaken for an AK, on AirSplat On Demand.

LCT Zastava M70 AB2 AEG Review


Another review of the LCT Airsoft Zastava AEG, with full take down and chrono by Airsoft & Military News... "The M70AB2 feels like an LCT AEG from back in the days when LCT was producing OEM kits for Inokatsu – solid, well made and top performing. If the retail price of around 400 USD is justified is quite hard to tell without looking at the AEG from different angles.

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