The Firearm Blog: Zastava M77 Overview


The Firearm Blog: Zastava M77 Overview

The Firearm Blog goes over the highlights of the Zastav M77, an AK-style rifle that fires the .308 round. Something we like to see in a gas blowback form in airsoft... "In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves is at Zastava USA to discuss the new import of the Zastava M77 rifle. This .308 rifle is very similar to Zastava’s flagship M70 AK-type rifle and almost identical to the Zastava M90 .223 rifle, with a few differences other than the obvious caliber difference. Note that per the video, furniture that works with the M70 and M90 should also work with the M77. Zastava now offers three calibers of AK to the US civilian market, including 5.56/223, and of course 7.62×39. Check out this overview for a description of the features and accessories available for this new .308 AK."

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