KWA Lithgow Arms F90 GBBR Unboxing


Middle Aged Gamer KWA Lithgow Arms F90 GBBR Unboxing

The Middle Aged Gamer finally gets his hands on the Lithgow Arms F90 GBBR for an unboxing video... "It finally arrived, the EU compliant Lithgow Arms F90 GBBR manufactured by KWA. this was officially released in October 2023 in Asia and the US but due to the very high FPS it was delayed until January 2024, when the lower power KWA nozzles were ready. This is a perfect Airsoft Replica of the F90 right down to the disassembly and operation, it balances perfectly in the hand unlike other Bullpup designs that tend to be front or rear heavy. This features a lot of the new KWA updates to the Type 3 rotary hop-up and bolt carrier group."

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