KWA F90 vs KWA Tavor SAR 21


A comparison of bullpup GBBs made by KWA in this video by the Middle Aged Gamer... "In this video we compare Kwa's older system to there new and improved internals to see witch is better. has there QC improved over pass efforts?, is it more Accurate now?, were about to find out!"

Jaeger Precision: KWA Lithgow Arms F90 GBBR


Jaeger Precision dives deep into the KWA Lithgow Arms F90 GBBR to find out what this bullpup airsoft rifle has to offer. The KWA F90 GBB is a licensed airsoft replica of the Australian F90 rifle, featuring improvements like a shortened trigger, extended rails, and a two-stage trigger for semi-auto and full-auto fire.

KWA Lithgow Arms F90 GBBR Unboxing


The Middle Aged Gamer finally gets his hands on the Lithgow Arms F90 GBBR for an unboxing video... "It finally arrived, the EU compliant Lithgow Arms F90 GBBR manufactured by KWA. this was officially released in October 2023 in Asia and the US but due to the very high FPS it was delayed until January 2024, when the lower power KWA nozzles were ready.

KWA F90 GBBR Field Strip Tutorial


For owners of the new KWA Lithgow F90 Gas Blowback Rifle, Orhlando with an H got this video to show how to take it apart... "Straight to the point, this tutorial will show you how to properly field strip a KWA F90 without causing any damage. Please like and subscribe for more concise airsoft tutorials. As a technician, I welcome any suggestions for future tutorials. Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments below."

USAirsoft's KWA Lithgow F90 Gas Blowback Overview


With the news of the upcoming KWA Lithgow F90 Gas Blowback, USAirsoft was able to get his hands on a early prototype. Here is what he initially thinks of it... "How could I pass up on an opportunity like this one? To handle the early prototype of such a unique piece as the Lithgow F90.

KWA have big plans for 2022 and this might be the show stopper. A gas blowback F90, I can't get tired of that idea.

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