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King Arms Colt M4 & FN M16A4 AEGs

King Arms Colt M4s & FN M16A4

Nothing ground-breaking about these AEGs, but gun porn for those who often are in search of airsoft gun photos . These are just some of the Colt and FN AEGs made by King Arms which are already in stock that were posted at their Facebook Page. So just in case you'll need to visit the website of King Arms, the best way to find airsoft gun that you want is to use their product codes at their search form function.

King Arms Colt M4 CQB (KA-AG-19)

King Arms Colt M4A1 (KA-AG-20)

King Arms Colt M4A1 Fixed Stock (KA-AG-28)

King Arms FN M16A4 (KA-AG-22)