Hyperdouraku: ARES × Cybergun FN SCAR-SC EFCS AEG


Hyperdouraku: ARES × Cybergun FN SCAR-SC EFCS AEG

Mister Moro gets his hands on the ARES × Cybergun FN SCAR-SC EFCS AEG for this Hyperdouraku review... "This time, we will be reviewing the FN SCAR-SC, an electric gun that is a collaboration between ARES and Cybergun, an airsoft gun manufacturer in Hong Kong. Electric gun officially licensed by FN in Belgium. Compact style 5.56mm assault rifle, SCAR-SC. Flip-up sight with locking function for both front and rear sights. The flash hider is made of 3-prong metal and has M14 reverse thread. The charging handle is a new type that is bent downwards and has less interference with the optical sight. In addition, the real gun has been improved to a non-reciprocating type in which the charging handle does not move when shot."

Read more here here and below is the video overview:

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