ARES MSR303 Quick-Takedown Sniper Rifle Snap Shot


A quick look at the Ares Airsoft MSR303 airsoft sniper rifle by Matt of in this snap shot video. When purchased, this comes in a heavy duty polymer carrying case with multiple compartments for each portion of the rifle. It is made of CNC aluminum upper receiver and handguard with modular rail sections.

Removing The Ares Amoeba Striker AS01 Hop Unit


Fulcrum has this guide for owners of the Ares Amoeba Striker AS01 so they can remove the hop-up unit properly... "In this airsoft​ guide I'll be showing you how to remove the hop unit from an Ares Amoeba Striker Airsoft sniper rifle, the airsoft gun in this tutorial is an AS01 Striker but this guide should work with the AS02 and the silly little AS03.

AIRSix: ARES M40A6 Sniper Rifle Review


Korean-language Airsoft YouTube channel, AIRSix TV, give their take on the ARES M40A6 airsoft sniper rifle... "Hello, this is AIRSIX. This video reviewed the M40A6 released by ARES. Due to the nature of this sniper rifle(?), the shooting video cannot be taken, so the shooting video is missing. If you watch the video, you will be convinced."

Begadi/Ares Otto Repa AR-SOC Review


L'antre Du Dingo goes over the fully licensed Begadi/Ares Otto Repa AR-SOC AEG. Available in semi-only in Germany, this is a bullpup AEG thay comes with a one-piece outer barrel, operational slide catch and loading lever, 8mm ball bearing gearbox, quick spring change, and features the Ares EFCS MOSFET.

USAirsoft: Ares M40A6 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Review


USAirsoft tries his hand on the Ares M40A6 airsoft sniper rifle if it is something he will recommend to those looking into playing the sniper role in airsoft... "When an airsoft replica comes to the market with a $600 price tag, it's bound to make eyebrows lift.

Ares has been building up their line of bolt actions to this point and so on after several M40 variants including the Remington MSR. With this release, it's clear have no intension of stopping now.

ERA Milsim With The Ares Airsoft Kel-Tec RDB E-AEG


A quick look at the new KelTec RDB E-AEG made by Ares Airsoft in cooperation with EMG. Fully licensed by Kel-Tec, the RDB E-AEG is a bullpup airsoft rifle that comes with fully ambidextrous operation. It has a programmable E.F.C.S. Gearbox, mock adjustable Gas Block, high-quality Nylon Fiber body  with the metal outer barrel, easy Hop Up adjustment, and T-Plug connectors. Package comes with a 130 round midcap and 100 round midcap. Watch the video from from ERA Milsim.

Gunfire Weekend News: Joker Custom, Lambda, Ares & More


A long list of new arrivals at Gunfire that you can browse through at their online store this weekend if you're unable to go out to play airsoft due to the lockdown. They got Joker Custom airsoft guns, Umbrella Armory custom airsoft guns, Ares Airsoft, Amoeba Airsoft, Specna Arms SV-98 CORE, and Lambda upgrades from Japan.

EMG/Kel-Tec Licensed RDB17 Pre-Order At

OptimusPrime are expecting the EMG/Kel-Tec RDB17 AEG in March and are now taking pre-orders... "In the world of bullpup rifle configurations, a very common concern for some users is ambidexterity. How can one hold the rifle, and utilize it to its full potential while avoiding getting hot brass in the face every time a round is fired and extracted? Kel-Tec's entry into the bullpup world is a wonderfully innovative design, with a genuine answer to the question of how brass should eject on a bullpup.

ARES L85A3 AEG With EFCS Pre-Order At RedWolf Airsoft


Expected to be available in the first quarter of 2021, RedWolf Airsoft are now taking pre-orders fo the Ares L85A3 AEG with the EFCS Gearbox... "The L85 belongs to the SA80 family of British rifles and has been the mainstay of the British armed forces for decades. Throughout its storied history, the rifle has seen many different upgrades and has been used in diverse theaters of warfare which the Brits have participated in.

2-Part Review Of The Ares Kel-Tec RDB E-AEG


Uncle of Fury Hsu Ka Wah Alan goes to City Hunter Indoor Airsoft Game Facility to try out the new Ares Kel-Tec RDB E-AEG. This is the latest bullpup AEG from Ares Airsoft that is based on the Kel-Tec weapon desoign and for the first part of the review it is doing a test shoot. The second part is more of a commentary which can be followed by those familiar with Cantonese.

Notice how he's proud with his Pornhub patch?

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