Is The GHK AK GBB Too Realistic For Airsoft?


Valiant Airsoft  Is The GHK AK GBB Too Realistic For Airsoft?

If it is, then even better since airsoft players get to learn the intricacies of a Kalashnikov rifle without the need for the real one. Valiant Airsoft goes over this well-received GBB rifle... "Somewhat of a format shift. I've been getting a lot of questions of how to get better at airsoft and what I do on the field, so I decided to let the games breathe a bit so you can see how I move & position before getting kills. I think it works out better but let me know in the comments how you feel about it.

It was time to get back into gas blowback rifles, since I play mostly indoor nowadays where long range accuracy isn't a concern. I decided to get back to my roots with a GHK AKS74u and put in a maple leaf hopup & 220mm crazy jet barrel to get it 350 fps field legal. It's still breaking in so I had a couple mis-feeds but nothing crazy."

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07 Dec 2022

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