Kalashnikov USA Polymer AK Airsoft Torture Test


Airsoft GI tests the durability of the Kalashnikov USA Polymer AK Airsoft made by Lancer Tactical... "There have been metal and plastic ak platforms in airsoft before, but there has never been a reinforced polymer receiver! Kalashnikov USA and Lancer Tactical have released their new line of polymer airsoft AKs and they are sweet! But will they survive our torture test? Let's find out together!"

Hephaestus AK 11.5" SBR GBB Conversion Kits


Hephaestus Airsoft announced last month that they are releasing  AK 11.5" SBR GBB Conversion Kit Sets For The GHK AK GBB series and Tokyo Marui AKM GBBR. This is comprised of an 11.5" Style Steel / Aluminum Threaded Outer Barrel (14mm CCW), a steel AK Front Sight Block (Tactical Type R), aluminum railed Gas Tube (Type III Hard-coat Anodized), Steel Dummy Piston/ Recoil Kit (Enhanced Version), and optional AK M-LOK 6.5" Handguard (Type III Hard-coat Anodized).

Gun Gamers On The Maple Armouries Spitfire AK


An interesting AEG to check out, the Maple Armouries Spitfire AK AEG gets the scrutiny of the Gun Gamers... "Thank you to Maple Armouries for sending us this airsoft AEG to review.  In this video Eric, Cory, and Ian discuss their thoughts after an extended amount of time using, testing, and evaluating this AEG."

Is The GHK AK GBB Too Realistic For Airsoft?


If it is, then even better since airsoft players get to learn the intricacies of a Kalashnikov rifle without the need for the real one. Valiant Airsoft goes over this well-received GBB rifle... "Somewhat of a format shift. I've been getting a lot of questions of how to get better at airsoft and what I do on the field, so I decided to let the games breathe a bit so you can see how I move & position before getting kills.

SLR ION Lite M-Lok Handguard Kits & AK Folding Stock For GHK


Some good news for owners of the GHK Airsoft AK Gas Blowback Rifle owners, Dytac sent in news that they now have fully licensed SLR ION Lite M-Lok Handguard Kits & AK Folding Stock ready to be delivered to interested customers with four lengths to choose from... "We have something which you all has been asking for, the new line of products for the GHK AK GBBR! Let’s check them out.

SLR ION Lite MLok Handguard Kits and AK Folding Stock

USAirsoft: A US$1,400 Custom GHK AK Gas Blowback


You got to envy these guys who've got money to burn to bring some nice upgrades to their airsoft guns. In this video USAirsoft features Bloblesairsoft to talk about his custom GHK AK Gas Blowback Rifle that costs him US$1,400... "bloblesairsoft is back with another special gas blowback that's had over $1,400 put into it!

Call it simple but I thought it was neat!

Parts List:

Avengers Airsoft AK T1 Optic Mount


Muddy Reviews checks out the Avengers Airsoft AK T1 optic mount if it is something he can recommend to AK users..."Hey everybody welcome to another Muddy Review, in this video we take a look at the Avengers Airsoft T1 optic mount for AK series rifles. I need to just get the elephant in the room addressed with this thing. It IS NOT for T1 optics and I for the life of me can not figure out why it is sold as a T1 mount.

Forgotten Weapons Roasts Polenar's Terrible AK Rifle


Perhaps you want a roast of real steel gun this time instead of Cisco of Airsoft GI doing his roast. Here is one from Polenar Tactical... "Ian McCollum from Forgotten Weapons takes a closer look at Polenar's AK and is absolutely appalled by the heavy and outdated modification to a classic Zastava M70 ab2 rifle."

AATV's 20 Years of Airsoft AKs: Tokyo Marui vs LCT


In episode 201 of Anvil Airsoft TV (AATV), Gadge and Anvil talk about two airsoft companies that produce some of the finest AK airsoft guns in the market, Tokyo Marui and LCT Airsoft as they mark 20 years of AK airsoft guns released... "This week Gadge joins Anvil to talk all about Airsoft AK replicas and how they have developed over the last 20 years."

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