Getting Reps With Conceal Carry


Talon Meyer Getting Reps With Conceal Carry

In training with airsoft guns, Talon Meyer talks about getting repetitive exercises with conceal carry so it can be done safely until confident to do with a real concealed carry weapon... "One of my favorite benefits of Airsoft is the continuous repetition of drawing, presenting, shot, and reindex that I can do for hours . The cost of the replica is the most expensive, while you might be able to get something that utilizes the same holster (i.e. using a Glock Airsoft replica for fitting well with your Glock Carry Holster) and BB's are roughly $15 for 2500 Rounds. An incredible price for people that just need something to cycle as a projectile, does not have crazy penetration capabilities, and in some cases is actually good for the environment.

To be completely transparent, I dont believe this is a replacement for range time, not even close people need to get behind their defensive tool, feel the recoil, hear the bang, smell that powder, and get rounds on target. 100% that is necessary and is vital. What I am suggesting is people getting the confidence and competency to train in new fashions, new holsters, different poses, and even have the ability to run around in a yard that a range would almost never allow you to do."

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