E&L Airsoft Essential Series: AK-74MN & AKS-74MN


E&L Airsoft Essential Series: AK-74MN & AKS-74MN

Next batch of Kalasnikov-style AEGs from E&L Airsoft's Essential Series, comprised of the AK-74MN and AKS-74MN, gets presented in this video... "The AK‑74 first saw service in the Afghanistan conflict of the 80s with the Soviet Armed Forces. Since then, there has been many modernizations and modifications to update this legendary platform.


  • Full steel body construction with high-quality polymer handguard and skeletal folding stock
  • 1:1 scale compared to a real AKS-74MN
  • Adjustable rear leaf sight with fixed front
  • Plenty of battery space above the gearbox, accessible by removing the dust cover
  • Full metal hop-up chamber
  • Authentic front and rear sling mounting points
  • Includes one 120rd mid-cap magazine
  • Full metal Version 3 gearbox is fully upgradeable with standard parts
  • Receiver-mounted dovetail mount for adding Russian-style optics and accessories

Exclusively distributed by MOS USA."

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