AMNB: PTS ZEV Wedge Lock Handguard Overview


AMNB: PTS ZEV Wedge Lock Handguard

We get to have an initial understanding of the ZEV Wedge Lock Handguard for airsoft use from PTS Syndicate in this overview article from the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB)... "In this article, we go over the fully licensed ZEV Technologies 12-inch Wedge Lock Handguard which fits perfect onto M4 Carbines with a barrel length of 14.5-inch. As PTS recently put out some more licensed rails to upgrade your Boom Stick with, we thought it´s time to highlight them in a miniseries of 3 articles for you. A very common barrel length not only in airsoft is still the 14.5-inch. So, all of our rails in this series of 3 will fit onto it."

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AMNB: PTS ZEV Wedge Lock Handguard 02


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24 Sep 2020

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