AMNB's codeRED CR-TAC Headset Review


The Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) got one of the products from codeRED's Professional Series Tactical Headsets --- the CR-TAC Tactical Headset for this review... "A noise cancelling Dual Muff headset with 'hear through' technology using electronic amplification of ambient sounds. Welcome the CR-TAC from codeRED Headsets."

AMNB Spotlight: Striker X Combat Shirt


Product spotlight from the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) features the UF PRO Striker X Combat Shirt... "With no-melt/no-drip properties, a collar designed to minimize secondary fragmentation risks, and additional padding in the area of the pelvic crest to prevent any hip irritations, UF PRO once again raised the standard for combat shirts with the Striker X Combat Shirt."

AMNB: BCMAIR MCMR 11.5" AEG Review Part 1


Chris of the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) got his hands on the VFC BCMAIR MCMR 11.5" AEG and here is the first part of his review... "I know some of you out there already say “it’s just another M4 build, come on don’t hype it that much”, and yes, you’re right. It’s basically an M4 on an already existing AEG platform (internally) by VFC, but what makes the difference here is the license from BCM incl.

AMNB On The Recover Tactical 20/20 Stabilizer Kit


Arius of the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) give his take on the Recover Tactical 20/20 Stabilizer Kit that can fit in Glock pistols... "Recover Tactical are well known for designing a multitude of accessories, mainly focused on pistol accessories such as rail adapters, charging handles, magazine retainer clips and stabilizer kits. One of the products we are looking at today, is the Recover Tactical 20/20 Stabilizer Kit for Glock.

AMNB Quick Review: TT Maine Jacket


Quick review of ultralight and wind resistant softshell Maine Jacket from Tasmanian Tiger by the Airsoft & Milsim News Bog (AMNB)... "The MAINE JACKET or to be correct like the manufacturer calls it, the TT MAINE M’S JACKET is an ultralight wind-resistant as well water-repellent (light rain) softshell jacket that offers you the best possible range of motion, thanks to its light elastic softshell material which has been used for it."

AMNB Spotlight: Earmor M32 Hearing Protection


An affordable hearing protector is the Earmor M32 is featured in this product spotlight article by the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB)... "Hearing safety in an airsoft headset may not be the most essential factor, but communication is essential. Just like without communication tactical field or airsoft playing would not function at all, hearing protection is another important thing. That is why we look today at the Earmor M32 headset, filling in both of the necessities."

AMNB: Choosing Night Vision Equipment For Airsoft


As they say, having the proper night vision device will help you own the night. In this Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB), AGM Global Vision has a guest post to help your select the night vision equipment to use for airsoft... "The guys at AGM Global Vision wrote us an article about this topic and if you find yourself in the need to buy Nods or simple want to gather information about it, this article is something you may enjoy to read!"

AMNB Overview: Helikon-Tex CAMP French Press & Coffee Grinder


Who would not like a nice cup of coffee upon waking up in the morning and smell the greatness of the outdoors (and the coffee too)? With the Helikon-Tex CAMP French Press & Coffee Grinder, you might get a better cup as compared to that piss-tasting coffee made by a Seattle-based company. Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) gives us an overview of this essential gear when camping out...

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