AMNB Overview: PTS Griffin Armament Low-Pro RIGID Rail


Third and final part of the series of product overviews of licensed PTS Syndicate products by the Airsoft & Milism News Blog (AMNB). This overview is about the PTS Griffin Armament Low-Pro RIGID Rail... "As we talked about the ZEV Tech and Centurion Arms Rail already, now it´s the time to get on the last one from our miniseries of PTS Syndicate licensed rails for airsoft and training use. The Griffin Armament Low-Pro RIGID Rail 13.5-inch."

AMNB: PTS ZEV Wedge Lock Handguard Overview


We get to have an initial understanding of the ZEV Wedge Lock Handguard for airsoft use from PTS Syndicate in this overview article from the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB)... "In this article, we go over the fully licensed ZEV Technologies 12-inch Wedge Lock Handguard which fits perfect onto M4 Carbines with a barrel length of 14.5-inch. As PTS recently put out some more licensed rails to upgrade your Boom Stick with, we thought it´s time to highlight them in a miniseries of 3 articles for you.

PTS 1” QD Sling Swivel Now Available


The wait is over for those who want the PTS 1” QD Sling Swivel on their airsoft rifles... "It has been a long week, it s grateful to announce that the PTS 1”QD Sling Swivel starts shipping by today. It would not be too long for you to get your QD Sling! We cannot wait for this!

Product Description:    

PTS Syndicate EPM1 Magazine Review


The PTS Syndicate EPM1 Magazine is perhaps the highest capacity amongst AEG midcaps in the market. Boonie Dave got a magazine for him to review, opening it up to check its internals... "I was able to get my hands on a PTS EPM 1 250 round AEG midcap magazine to see how the internals work."

Cool Stuff From PTS At The SHOT Show 2020


Airsoftology's Jonathan Higgs went around the halls of the Sands Expo to check out the latest in airsoft and he finds some cool stuff at the PTS Syndicate booth at the SHOT Show 2020. You may have already heard most of these such as the PTS EPM1 250-round magazine and the MTEK Flux Helmet. Are there some more? Watch the video to find out.

Gunfire TV At The PTS SHOT Show 2020 Booth


Gunfire TV was busy roaming the halls of Sands Expo during the SHOT Show 2020 and they visit the PTS Syndicate booth to find out what's on offer for the year... "This time, Gunfire TV crew went to see what novelties PTS prepared for the 2020 Shot Show. Big thanks to Sharky for a short tour."

AMNB's PTS EPM1 MidCap Mag Review


Chris Bravo of the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) reviews the new 250 BB round capacity EPM1 Midcap from PTS Syndicate... "PTS is well known for some of the best magazines and parts in airsoft. At least to me it is so. Their EPM Series is available for a variety of guns, standard AEG, TM all the way to PTW and two for GBBRs in 5.56 and 7.62Cal. Airsoft of course!

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