Land Warrior Airsoft: PTS Syndicate Restock


If you need a good assortment of airsoft accessories, mounts, upgrades and magazines, PTS syndicate is always a reliable brands. For UK-based airsoft players they can always visit Land Warrior Airsoft and they just got a big restock of PTS Syndicate products.

"When it comes to training, simulation, and the ultimate experience, there's PTS and then there's everyone else."

KWA PTS Masada GBB At Airsoft Station


Looking for the KWA PTS Masada Gas Blowback Rifle? Airsoft Station got it in stock... "The Remington Defense Adaptive Combat Rifle, or ACR, was built to be one of the best all-around weapons platforms surpassing even the standard AR-15. KWA's take on the ACR, the PTS Masada gas blowback rifle, highlights all the features that make the ACR so well rounded.

Airsoft Headquarters: PTS Radian Model 1 GBB Rifle


Airsoft Headquarters looks at the PTS Radian Model 1 Gas Blowback Rifle which is available at authorised sellers... "Lucky for us that we can get an up close and personal look at the newest PTS Licensed Radian Model 1 Green Gas powered rifle! I have to admit; the more that I use this, the more and more I just have to have it. It's a smooth recoil with recoil consistency unlike anything else GBB wise and has what I would consider the optimal hopup unit a KWA based gas rifle could have.

MiR Tactical: PTS EPM1 Polymer Magazines


MiR Tactical feature what they call the most elusive AEG magazine in the market, the PTS EPM1. Available in 250 and 170 round versions, this polymer midcap AEG magazine has a  has an orange mag level indicator visible through the side window so you can check if you need to reload a fresh magazine in the midst of an airsoft firefight.

PTS/KWA CM4 Centurion Arms AEG At Airsoft Atlanta


On offer during Mother's Day last Sunday, Airsoft Atlanta still has the PTS/KWA CM4 Centurion Arms AEG available for those who have been looking for one... "The PTS / KWA CM4 CENTURION ARMS ERG - AEG Airsoft Gun.  Metal receiver and rail system with upgraded KWA internal parts for a perfect airsoft high-end gun right out of the box.  FPS is a bit high, so we recommend buying an additional spring with its quick-change spring system.

AMNB Overview: PTS ZEV Combat Sight Set


The newly released PTS ZEV Combat Sight Set is in the hands of the Chris of the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) and here is what he says about the set... "The PTS ZEV Combat Sight Set is definitely a great upgrade to your Glock replacing the standard sights not just because they’re made from steel allow instead of polymer providing a much longer lifetime. The modern, improved, slim and clear sight picture provides the shooter the ability to pick-up targets much faster as with standards sights.

PTS MTEK-FLUX Helmet Replacement Parts


PTS Syndicate announced that they are now shipping the replacement parts for the PTS MTEK-FLUX Helmet... "Are you ready for PTS MTEK-FLUX Helmet Replacement parts including Shroud with NVG mount, M-LOK Accessory Rails, Hook for Retention Strap, Retention System, Bungees, Exterior Velcro Kit, Interior Velcro Kit, Impact Liner and Comfort Pads. They start shipping by today!"

PTS EPM1 Magazines Back At Airsoft Atlanta


Airsoft Atlanta are now shipping to customers the recently stocked PTS EPM1 Midcaps... "PTS EPM.1 midcap magazines in stock! Ships tomorrow if you order by tomorrow morning. Very hard to get and rare due to limited manufacturing. Limit 3 per person per color (you can order 6 total). If you order a bit nch we'll just cancel your order so others can get a chance to try them out. Also restocked on EPS Stocks and other gear."

PTS ZEV Combat Sight Set & Kinetic SCAR Adaptor Stock Kit


PTS Syndicate's latest news is all about the PTS ZEV Combat Sight Set for the VFC made Glock GBB Pistols and the PTS Kinetic SCAR Adaptor Stock Kit. All are full licensed and and they will be available at your favourite dealers and resellers very soon.

"We are happy to introduce our new products which are PTS ZEV - Combat Sight Set (VFC) & PTS Kinetic - SCAR Adaptor Stock Kit.

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