The gas blowback PTS MEGA ARMS MKM-AR15 is given a closer scrutiny by Mach Sakai. The PTS Mega Arms MKM AR-15 GBBR is a top-of-the-line airsoft replica that combines a lightweight and rigid one-piece upper rail system with realistic design elements for a durable gun that can handle any airsoft battle.

PTS EPM E9 Midcap Magazine For ASG EVO & MTW-9


Jaeger Precision goes over the PTS EPM E9 Midcap Magazine that is compatible to use with the ASG CZ Scorpion EVO and the Wolverine Airsoft MTW-9. This 150-BB round magazine shares the construction of other PTS EPM magazines, utilizing high-density Dupont Zytel polymer for optimal performance and structural integrity in airsoft environments.

PTS ZEV EB1911, OZ-9 Standard & OZ-9 Elite GBB Pistols


Airsoft Master shows the licensed ZEV Technologies gas blowback pistols made by PTS Syndicate that they carry at their store... "Good Afternoon Everyone! Mike here, introducing the three new pistols from PTS Syndicate! We have the PTS ZEV licensed Ed Brown 1911, the OZ-9 standard, and lastly the OZ-9 Elite! Each one have their own unique style and features. The ZEV 1911 is a bringing old school tradition with the modern style!

Fixing MTW9 Empty Mag Detection Using PTS EPM E9


Tip from Jaeger Precision for those encountering this issue with the Wolverine Airsoft MTW9. The PTS EPM E9 Magazine is a high-capacity, durable airsoft magazine with a 110-round capacity, textured grip, and a window that shows when it's full to avoid overloading.

New PTS EPM E9 Magazine Issue


Jaeger Precision encounters which can be a major issue when using the new PTS EPM E9 Magazines. This 9mm-style magazines for airsoft use... "No matter what I try I can not get this feature to work. It is strange that all of the magazines do the same thing. All are brand new!"

PTS Syndicate Dead Air Sandman Released


New suppressor licensed from Dead Air Silencers, the Sandman, has been released by PTS Syndicate for airsoft use... "The PTS Dead Air Sandman airsoft silencers and muzzle devices are precision made to faithfully replicate Dead Air Silencer products under official license.  The PTS version of the Dead Air Keymo mount system allows for tool-less rapid quick attachment and detachment of the mock suppressor and ensures secure precision mounting.

PTS ZEV ED-BROWN 1911 Standard & Magazine Announced


Another set of ZEV Technologies products made for the airsoft market by PTS Syndicate is announced. The PTS ZEV ED-BROWN 1911 Standard gas blowback pistol can be looked forward to by airsoft players and spare magazines for it will be available as well. It is also compatible with the Tokyo Marui 1911 Gas Magazine.

PTS EPM E9 Magazine Released


Those who have been waiting for the 9mm-style magazine for airsoft use from PTS Syndicate, the PTS EPM E9 Magazine which has 110-BB round capacity and polymer body. There is a caveat however that will disappoint owners of PCC-style AEGs, this is compatible to the Wolverine Airsoft MTW-9 and ASG Scorpion EVO 3 A1s.

PTS EPM E9 Magazine
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PTS ZEV OZ9 (Standard Version) Now Available


Latest release from PTS is the fully licensed PTS ZEV OZ9 Standard GBB Pistol and the PTS SAM Glock mag. For those interested in this new released, they can check with their nearest airsoft retailer if they are expecting this to be in their stocks soon. Details below:

PTS ZEV OZ9 (Standard Version) - Black
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ZV613680307 - Black

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PTS Centurion Arms Perfect Sound Build


Prime Mechanics recently showcased their PTS Centurion Arms project, which they claim has an impeccable sound build. The project features a PTS Centurion Arms 10.3 and a VFC Colt licensed base, along with an Aimpoint T2 Hollywarrior, a Surefire M600, and a Surefire SOCOM RC2 suppressor (Dytac). The parts list includes a Gate Titan II Bluetooth, a Frankentorque motor, an SHS 18:1 DSG, a MagicPad, and a 1.15 with 0.28g.

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