4UAD Smart Airsoft's LCT SVD-S AEG Honest Review


4UAD Smart Airsoft's LCT SVD-S AEG Honest Review

4UAD Smart Airsoft has conducted another comprehensive review, this time focusing on the LCT SVD-S AEG AEG. The review begins with an unboxing, revealing the product and its components. The battery space is examined next, followed by a detailed look at the hop-up removal process. The gearbox is then inspected, providing insights into the internal workings of the AEG. A FPS test is conducted to measure the AEG's performance, followed by a target range test to assess its accuracy and reliability. The review concludes with overall feedback, summarizing the strengths and weaknesses of the LCT SVDS AEG AEG, and providing a final verdict on the product.

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