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Klecker KLAX-03 Steel Axe At eHobby Asia

A handy axe that does more than just chopping wood or scaring the wits out of other airsoft players, the Klecker KLAX-03 Stainless Steel Axe Head with Handle has the head designed to do other purposes is available at eHobby Asia. Not recommended to be used for airsoft "knife kills" though... "The KLAX® is the answer for anyone who wants the utility of carrying an ax on their adventure but doesn’t want to carry one.

Operation Red Storm East 2017 Trailer

More video footage of the Operation Red Storm East 2017 hosted by Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series (OLCMSS) and which took place last 21-23 April in Scranton, PA. Op Red Storm East 2017 Trailer by MTG Productions Airsoft is now up YouTube... "Had a good time at airsoft operation RSE 2017 with some friends from specter airsoft. Full video to follow soon- this time with multiple perspectives!"

Femme Fatale Airsoft: Loadout Under £150?

Femme Fatale  Airsoft puts together a Multicam Tropic Loadout for under £150 by buying at Weapon762... "I get a lot of requests from my followers for a post building a 'budget loadout', so I decided to team up with the awesome team from Weapon 762 to make this happen for you. In this post we'll be looking at a MultiCam Tropic/Ranger Green loadout (BDU and Plate Carrier) for under £150! Without further adieu, let's get down to it!"

Airsoft GI Uncut: Guns Of The Wildman

With the Operation Wildmand that will be hosted by GI Tactical Texas and D14 Airsoft fast approaching, Airsoft GI Uncut shows GI Fish recommending the PTS .308 GBBR as fitting for Milsim. Do you agree with him? Watch the video below... "Fish thinks this gun may be the best gun you can use for Op: Wildman at D14 Airsoft. Do you agree?"

APS Glock To Carbine Conversion Kit

Flanker Tanker is back with a new airsoft video as in the past years has been reviewing devices, outdoor stuff and the like. For this video he take the APS Carbine Version Kit that allows you to convert your Glock-like airsoft pistol into a carbine. Check it out and find out if it will fit your G-series GBB pistol.

Propper Lightweight Tactical Pants At Mil1st

Available in five different colours, the Propper Men's Lightweight Tactical Pants are available right now at "Propper Men's Lightweight Tactical Pants come with durable YKK zip fly with Prym snap, nine practical pockets, reinforced seat and knees, and Action-stretch waistband for perfect fit and comfort.

ICS Airsoft BBs In Stock At Firesupport

For those looking for high quality airsoft BBs from ICS Airsoft, Firesupport got these 6mm round plastic pellets in stock right now with weights available at 0.20g, 0.25g, and 0.28g. Retail and wholesales available... "Hi All! Firesupport, the  UK ICS distributor now has ICS Airsoft BBs  in stock:

BFG Smoke Grenade Pouch Review

Next up on the Blue Force Gear products to be reviewed by Gear Whores Anonymous is the Blue Force Gear Smoke Grenade Pouch. This is the pouch that comes with the Patent-pending Helium Whisper attachment system. This has high performance laminate lightens the weight that equals or exceeds the 1000d Cordura.

The Making Of World's Fastest Airsoft Gun?

Well, we really don't keep tabs of records in airsoft (which should be a nice idea btw) so this one cannot be really confirmed. However, if nobody shows up with an old or newer video showing that theirs is the fastest, we can take this in good faith. Giaco Whatever shows how he is building his "World's Fastest Airsoft Gun" in this video... "I didn't actually calculated its speed yet but I'm pretty sure I'll make it the World's fastest airsoft gun... You'll see... ;)

Airsoft Atlanta: Colt M4 CQB-R AEG

Airsoft Atlanta posts news that the Colt M4 CQB-R AEG is back in stock at their online and offline stores... "The Colt M4 CQB-R AEG is a great all black airsoft M4 gun. Complete starter kit and quality OEM made by Cyma. Fully licensed Colt trademarks/logo M4 airsoft carbine with rails.Gun is primarily polymer built on the exterior with some metal components. The rail system, upper/lower body, furniture, stock sights, and buffer tube are all plastic.