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New Tornado Gearbox Parts Presentation

Find out more about the new geabox parts from Tornad with this video presentation from Gunfire... "Tornado brand new products launched in 2017. Watch the video and take a look at CNC'd parts the internal components for your gearbox such as pistons, piston and cylinder heads, hop-up chamber or gears. All made with the utmost attention to detail and quality components.

Tornado parts available here:"

"Convincing Parents To Get You An Airsoft Gun?"

The usual problems of airsoft players who still depend on their parents for whatever purchases they make, how to convince them to buy an airsoft gun. Airsoftology's Jonathan Higgs talks about this and more topics such as upgrades and airsoft batteries for his Q&A Mondays:

CYMA vs. DE Tri-Shot Airsoft Shotguns

Is there a difference between the CYMA and Double Eagle Tri-Shot Airsoft Shotguns, which are very much affordable for budget players. Tactical Shirts Airsoft does a comparison between these two shotguns as well as take an AEG to compare how it is to play with an AEG or with an airsoft shotgun. Turn on your language captions to follow... "We have taken the CYMA and Double Eagle (DE) have compared shotgun and hand in hand for you."

Basic Everyday Training With Airsoft 1911

Nothing beats being proficient with a 1911 pistol, real or airsoft, than doing basic practice everyday like how Hans Tai does... "Stimulates a real 1911. Checking gun condition then hammer down. Load n make read. Chamber check. Safety.  Getting use to the new Henie sights. Fired a few double taps. Reload. Safety."

Agilite Axis Knee Pads Selected For IDF Use

The Axis Tactical Knee Pads are now official IDF standard issue knee pads and you can also order a pair for your own use... "Nicknamed 'Robocop' Knee pads in Israel,  Agilite Axis™ are the IDF’s new standard-issue knee pads. They are the strangest looking, best performing knee pads you will ever wear that unlike conventional knee pads, do not fall down and provide advanced protection.


Gun Gamers SpeedSim: How We Got Started

Gun Gamers talk about in this SpeedSim episode got started playing airsoft and what they plan on doing for the future... "Today, E House and Andre tell their stories of how they got into airsoft, and what led them to where they are today. Because it's fun, and why not?"

Milsim Media At MW Rostov Rising

Milsim Media got this 10 minute footage taken from Milsim West's Rostov Rising event... "Milsim Media coverage of Milsim West Rostov Rising at Hill 559 in Clovis, CA. We ran NATO for this game and used a lot of Blank Fire. TooTallTom was using Hollywood Blanks provided by Atlantic Wall Blanks. Castro was using GI Blanks. Hexmags were the magazine of choice as always!"

TNVC NightFIGHTER: Tyler Grey

Vickers Tactical features the TNVC NightFIGHTER Series and it is an interesting video to watch as it will soldiers' experience with night vision and night fighting... "Produced in association with TNVC - The NightFIGHTER series highlights our nations elite warfighters and their experiences with night vision systems

Wosport Devtac Ronin Replica Review

Getting to own a Devtac Ronin for use in airsoft is quite hard since right now, it is being focused for real world use given its ballistic protection properties, and the makers are having a hard time keeping up with orders. Now, there is a replica called the Wosport Tactical Helmet and here is a video review by Ricardo Durand... "This is a initial review of the WoSport Tactical Helmet which is a blatant clone of the Devtac Ronin Tactical helmet."

Classic Army Nemesis AEGs at Airsoft Atlanta

The first batch of the Classic Army Nemesis AEG Series are now available at Airsoft Atlanta. Already wired for Deans connector, what they have in stock are the CA110M Nemesis Hex, CA111M Nemesis ME-10, and the CA113M Nemesis ME-14 AEG. Click on the links below to learn more about these.

Classic Army CA110M Nemesis HEX AEG