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Arrow Dynamics PVS-31 Dummy Set

In stock right now at EB Airsoft is a dummy version of the AN/PVS-31 BNVD under a brand called Arrow Dynamics. Good for some impressions though no purpose for an actual airsoft game, it comes with its own case and costs US$49.95. The real AN/PVS-31 is a lightweight dual tube gen 3 NVG that replaced the AN/PVS-15.

Vlog: How To Get Sponsored By ASGI

For airsofters who are running their own YouTube Channels, blogs, or what have you and want to tap sponsorship in order to keep them running, here is a Vlog from GI Texas on how to get sponsored by Airsoft GI... "Today's VLOG covers an interesting range of topics from How to get sponsored, to how some of us come up with our Blog posts for the GI TV Blog!"

6 Guns I'd Like To See Made For Airsoft

There are guns that we want made for airsoft and we just wish that airsoft manufacturers, big and small, would take notice and look into them. The BB Warrior also has his wishlist and it is about 6 guns to be exact, he'd like to have their airsoft versions made. Find out in the video below what these are... "Today we're discussing 6 firearms I'd like to see made for airsoft."

DesertFox Airsoft Mexican Standoff TTT

Another game of Trouble in Terrorist Town by DesertFox Airsoft and friends... "Playing Trouble in Terrorist Town airsoft at Project N1 airsoft indoor field. In this airsoft Trouble in Terrorist Town I am using the ASG CZ-P01 Shadow gas blow back airsoft pistol. Playing airsoft Trouble in Terrorist Town with me are: Unicorn Leah, Kelly from Femme Fatale, Matt, Miguel and Ryan from and D from NODE Studios."

Enola Gaye Recall Of Non-CE Products

Enola Gaye sends out an advisory to customers regarding sales and use of their Non-CE products... "When the European CE regulations came into force in July 2013 there was a period of transition whereby if a product was approved within a European country then that product was allowed to be continued to be sold within that country until July 4th 2017. After this date all products on the market need to have a CE registration.

Gunfire: KWA VM4A1 2.5 Carbine AEG

Now in stock at Gunfire is the KWA VM4A1 2.5 Carbine AEG that comes with a reinforced 9mm metal gearbox and set of enhanced metal gears. This KWA AEG has a quick spring change system as well as the Variable Performance System allowing you to fine tune FPS adjustment. Another feature called the Switch Life Extender or SLE significantly reduceds contact load resulting in the extension of life of the AEG.

ASG Franchi SPAS 12 Shotgun Overview

In this Amped Overview episode, Matt of Amped Airsoft features the ASG Franchi SPAS 12 spring powered airsoft shotgun. This has a triple barrel design that shoots 3 BBs out when fired. This has a metal barrel, metal magazine tube, and fixed metal sights... "Matt gives us a quick overview of the ASG Spas 12, not only is it a cool gun, its also great for recreating your favorite dinosaur themed movie."

Helikon Service Case In Stock At Military1st

The Helikon Service Cases, available in 5 different colour schemes, are available right now at "The Helikon Service Case is a portable tactical workstation and tool carry kit that comes with padded and stiffened main compartment with PU coated bright yellow bottom and removable inner organiser.

Nuke Airsoft Grenade Slow Motion Footage

Hamza Trac got the new Nuke Airsoft Grenade that is made by the Airsoft Development Group (ADG). This a mechanical grenade that does not require gas, CO2, or batteries to expel the BBs. This expels the BBs upon impact to a radius of 5 metres and is a reuseable airsoft grenade. Watch it in action with this slow motion video:

Booligan's X-Radar Chronograph Overview

Booligan Airsoft gives an overview of this simple chrono from X-Radar that is specifically made for airsoft. X-Radar also has a Chrono Station that airsoft fields and airsoft events organisers to use so they can find out which airsoft guns meet local laws or site regulations... "I tested this out a few videos ago, but let's take a detailed look at the X-Radar Chronograph. Simple and effective design!"