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SHOT 2017: XM556 Microgun On Display

A video from Firearms Guide at the SHOT Show 2017 --- the XM556 Microgun, the gun that we are dying to see an airsoft version of. Made by Empty Shell, the XM556 uses the 5.56 NATO ammo, it is smaller than the miniguns such as the M134 and lighter as well, making it a good choice for defensive suppression without the less heft than other Gatling gun systems.

Booligan Airsoft: Thrunite C2 Battery Bank

It's powerbanks this time for Booligan Airsoft to talk about. As he has been reviewing products from Thrunit, it is inevitable that he will review the Thrunite C2 USB Powerbank. This product has a high capacity 3400mAh 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery and you has a 2.4A input and 3A output. It only weighs 38g making it lightweight enough and comfortable to put in the pocket.

Firesupport January `17 Giveaway Winners News

It's time for customers of Firesupport to check out if they are lucky winners from Day 9 to Day 18 of their January 2017 £3500 Prize Giveaway Promo. Every January of each year, Firesupport gives away prizes worth £3500 and for this year, the grand prize is the Tokyo Marui HK416D DEVGRU Custom New Generation AEG. Check the list below to find out if your name has been pulled out.

"Firesupport News January 2017- £3500 Prize Giveaway

EF Airsoft 101: Co2 Mag Maintenance

Elite Force has an Airsoft 101 video covering CO2 Mag Maintenance which will lead to their own Silicone Spray Oil as the recommended product for such (of course)... "Our Elite Force 'Slick' Silicone Spray oil is just what your dried out c02 magazine or gun needs to stop the leaks!"

Krytac Bags Origin 12 Shotgun Airsoft Licence

The Shotgun Segment of the airsoft market got even more exciting with this announcement from Krytac at the SHOT Show 2017 about getting an exclusive agreement with Fostech Outdoors, to develop and sell the Origin 12 Shotgun that looks like an AR SBR but is one of the fastest shotguns to shoot. More details about its production in the 4th quarter 2017. Press release  and a video on the shotgun by Iraqveteran888 below:

Airsoft Megastore: Licensed Airsoft Glock

Airsoft Megastore, reporting from the SHOT Show 2017, drops by the Palco booth to check out the licensed airsoft Glock which is only available for law enforcement training rather than to airsoft players... "We stopped by the Palco booth for one of the hottest products of 2017, the brand new airsoft Glock from Palco. However, there is some bad can't buy it unless you're LE or police training.

Cleanshot's The Last Sniper Gameplay

Another airsoft sniper gameplay and it's Cleanshot, the Dutch Airsoft Sniper, doing the stealth shooting... "Today this sniper gameplay video is played at my local site called : Balls and Arrows in my hometown Lelystad. I decided to do a low profile approach in this woodland area by sneaking arround.. The leaves have fallen of and winter has kicked in.

Unicorn Leah At Classic Army Media Mixer

Join Unicorn Leah and other airsoft celebrities during the Classic Army Media Mixer at the the SHOT Show 2017... "Behind the scenes at the Classic Army Media Mixer during SHOT Show 2017. SHOT Show is an annual trade show for airsoft and real steel shooting and outdoor sports held in Las Vegas, NV. Hang out at the Classic Army airsoft media mixer with airsoft youtubers Jet DesertFox, House Gamers (The Canadian airsoft  Sniper), Airsoftology, Guardian Tees, and DeltaJay.

New Wolverine Airsoft Reaper HPA Engine

Wolverine Airsoft has been busy on another project and now they are ready to reveal what its, the Wolverine Airsoft Reaper... "After the success of the BOLT, we decided to use that proprietary technology to give you something new. We have adapted the technology from the BOLT and developed it for AEG rifles! The Reaper is a TRUE CLOSED BOLT HPA system that also has the same Air Saver technology in the BOLT. It can be used with an FCU or Electromechanically."

SHOT Show 2017 Headlines 17 January

Official SHOT Show news show the highlights of what took place during the 1st day of SHOT Show 2017 AS reported by SHOT Show TV... "It's time to get ready and gear up for the largest trade show in the world for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting accessories industry. SHOT Show TV brings you the must see moments from Day 1 both on and off the show floor at the 39th Annual SHOT Show on Tuesday, January 17."