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Is A $5 Mesh Mask Safe For Airsoft?

Is a cheap mask, a US$5 dollar mask to be exact, be enough protection for your eyes in airsoft. Taiga Airsoft tests one mask... "Today we test out the 5 dollar Sansei mesh mask to see if it's actually safe for airsoft. Guns used: KWA HK-45, JG BAR 10, CYMA AK."

New & Improved Surefire Aviator Released

Surefire announces the relaunche of a classic, the Surefire Aviator flashlight... "This SureFire classic—originally developed for pilots—has been reinvented to feature a dual-output white primary LED and secondary colored LED in one sealed head, both focused by a TIR lens into a user-friendly beam with ample reach and surround light.

Gun Gamers On Airsoft Cheater Videos

Do you think all these cheater videos being posted on YouTube by airsoft players help or help give a good impression about the hobby/sport? Here is Gun Gamers going into this issue and talk why they don't help... "Here's another fun discussion video from E House. Today, we talk about cheater videos in airsoft, and why they often do more harm than good."

Bad Karma Airsoft Noob Day 2017

Dark Knight Airsoft got this footage of the Bad Karma Airsoft Noob Day 2017 that took place last 18 and 19 of March 2017. This event is open to those interested in airsoft, especially young people with their parents encouraged to join or watch so they can have an understanding of what airsoft is all about... "First year attending Bad Karma Airsoft Noob Day Event. Just a short Highlight reel of my gameplay of saturday. Hope you enjoy.

Blank Firing Glock 17 w/ MILES Gameplay Video

Has Firetag arrived in the UK? Here is the Airsoft CamMan with gameplay footage of players with Blank Firing Glock 17 pistols using MILES (Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System) to tag players when they get hit... "Recently I was invited along to Grimsby in Lincolnshire, UK to try a new game which utilised Glock 17 Blank Firing Pistols with MILES based simulation technology.

Classic Army Micro Gun At Power Ops

See that Classic Army Micro Gun in action at Power Ops in this video taken by Airsoft Atlanta... "Gameplay footage from the Classic Army USA event at Power Ops this past weekend in Atlanta, GA. Check it out, along with mini Mini-Gun footage in a live game! That HPA powered Mini-Gun just decimates the battlefield:"

It's Official: KWA & PTS Syndicate Join Forces

Perhaps many of you already have known this early this year that KWA will be having an alliance with PTS Syndicate to distribute the latter's products in the USA. The relationship between the companies goes back years now with KWA being the OEM for the gas blowback rifles under the PTS Syndicate brand. Official press release below:


Gunfire: Wolverine, TGI, UTG & GFC

A shorter list this week from Gunfire this time (whew!) announcing new arrivals from these acronyms which you can guess what they are. They got the HPA engines from Wolverine Airsoft, as well as weapons parts and accessories from GFC, TGI, and UTG. Click the links below to learn more:

TGI (TAG Innovations)

Booligan Airsoft: WTF Skirt + Belt Adapter

It looks like the Whiskey Two-Four Skirt with Belt Adapter is what just Booligan Airsoft needs for a lightweight rig... "A lightweight rig makes for a happy operator, especially for dudes like me who are carrying enough weight on their body in the first place. WTF's 'Skirt' has everything I would want for a low profile, lightweight belt based MOLLE rig!"

The ASO Bag From RE Factor Tactical

A tactical bag that doesn't shout tactical when travelling, especially for those who prefer discreet bags when on the go, RE Factor Tactical ASO Bag is the one for them... "The Advanced Special Operations (ASO) Bag is specifically designed for the individual who needs the ability to travel with a tactical bag, without the tactical look.