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Pentagon Achilles 8" Trekking Boots At Mil1st got the 8-inch Achilles Trekking Boots from Pentagon Gear in stock at their online store... "Unlike their namesake, Pentagon Achilles 8" Trekking Boots have no weak points. Durable and lightweight, Pentagon Achilles 8" Trekking Boots feature strong Suede and 1200D Nylon upper, water-resistant Dintex membrane, rubber outer sole, and rubberized and strengthen toe cap and heel.

The Latest Weekend Offers From Gunfire

Another load of products for you to browse at the Gunfire online store as they send in news about new deliveries and product restock of some familiar brands. Check out the airsoft guns from Specna Arms, CYMA, G&G Armament, LCT Airsoft, and WELL as well as gloves from Armored Claw, batteries from ElectroRiver, and gear from GFC Tactical.

"Specna Arms

BB2K Airsoft At IWA 2017: Corner Shot

BB2K Airsoft takes a look at what many airsofters have been waiting an airsoft of, the Corner Shot, at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017... "Looking for the Corner Shot System. With this system you can fire a Pistol at a 60 degree angle around a corner. Developed by an Israeli Anti-Terrorist Capt. to prevent injuries from exposure around tight corners or above barriers.

USAirsoft: ASG Dan Wesson 715 4" Review

USAirsoft reviews the 4-inch Dan Wesson 715 Airsoft Revolver that comes from Action Sport Games (ASG)... "Ever since we saw the new 715s from ASG at Shot Show 2017, I began plans to get one myself. I didn't get too far into those plans though because both ASG and Airsoft Station had a plan for me. At my door I find this, the 4 inch 715 with an under rail. Oh, pretty but can it preform? Is the 715 worth its $130 price tag?

Mach Sakai: CAW M3 Cap Firing Gun

Something fun for you to watch and probably want to own. Mach Sakai shows the Craft Apple Works M3 Grease Gun Cap Gun that fires plug fire cartridges making it look like you are firing a real Grease Gun. With the realistic firing, you will see the blowback operation. Looks really fun, isn't it? Just imagine the Hacksaw Ridge scene where Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield) drags an injured Sgt.

Airsoft Sniper Gameplay at Iron Horse 2

Airsoft sniper gameplay footage taken by the Swamp Sniper during American Milsim's Operation Iron Horse 2. He joined with Jet DesertFox, Evike George, and others with his custom G8 rifle as his primary weapon. The event took place last 19-20 February 2017 at the Guardian Center in Perry, Georgia.

Kitfox Firearm Coloring Book At Noveske

Want some peace and quiet away from your computer, the airsoft field or the range but still be able to go over firearms? The coloring book is the way to go with the KitFox Firearm Coloring Book which is available at the Noveske website. This is a 27-page coloring book of illustrated firearms and if coloring books are therapeutic then this might give you some sense of calm during your me-time moments.

DesertFox Airsoft & Unicorn Leah LIVE

Well, not really as this is already a recording of their live show that they conducted earlier. They announce the events that they will be attending for 2017 so if you want to meet them, better check the airsoft event near you where they will be playing in... "Jet DesertFox and Unicorn Leah talk about what events they'll be attending this year and why there hasn't been any videos this week on this channel."

0'20 Magazine On The ICS CXP M.A.R.S.

0'20 Magazine got some units of the upcoming ICS CXP-M.A.R.S. (Modern Assault Rifle System) which is the latest in the Transform4 tech from ICS Airsoft for this video overview... "Does anybody know this handguard for airsoft? It is the MARS from ICS. We gave the airsoft rifle to a player and this is his experience."

IWA Outdoor Classics 2017: SKW Airsoft

Ruben of SKW Airsoft presents the products the variours products they had on display at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 under the Secutor Arms such as the Gladius 17 and Velites Shotguns, which are the upcoming airsoft guns this year. Also on display were the Duel Code Bomb Simulators and Zoxna Mortars.