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EssTac Daeodon & Daeodon Light Review

Robo-Airsoft goes over two sets of EssTac Daeodon plate carriers for this Robo-Gear review... "In this edition of Robo-Reviews, I go into detail reviewing the EssTac Daeodon and Daeodon plate carriers – excellently crafted, made in America by a Vet owned company from Washington."

Insane Airsoft Grenade Throw Video

Motion Ajax got a video of what he calls his insanse grenade throw... "I threw my airsoft invovation's cyclone grenade in a bird nest type of window to alloy our team to push and conquer the village and then try to push them away from the favella's. Hope you enjoyed and see in the next vid operators!"

LCT LC-3 AEG Preview By Sniper AS

Check out the features of the upcoming LCT Airsoft LC-3 AEG in this video made by German Airsoft distributor, Sniper Airsoft Supply... "This short preview video shows some of the details of the newest AEG made by Taiwan manufacturer LCT. The LC-3 is one of the most iconic guns made in Germany and has been used and still ist being used by many nations worldwide."

eHobby Asia Summer Sales & New Releases

The new G&P Viper MOD 1 Airsoft AEG is now stock at eHobby Asia. Other new arrivals for this week is the GHK AUG A3 Tactical GBB Rifle, WE Airsoft M712, CAAAD Micro RONI ki, HWS SAA, ASG Revolver, the Magpul iPhone 7 Field Case, and the Strike Industries Carbine Stock. Plus, they have summer sales ongoing so save 10% off airsoft guns and 15% off accessories.

APS CAM MKII Shotguns At 18Airsoft

Check the full line of the New APS CAM870 CAM MK2 CO2-Powered Shotguns available at 18Airsoft. This is the second generation of the popular realistic operation airsoft shotgun that many want. Depending on what airsoft shooting you want, be it for skirmishes, tactcial shooting, or 3-Gun, there is something for you.

Military1st Are Having A Socks Sale

Need new socks to prevent stinking feet especially that the airsoft season is in full blast and you need socks to keep your feet safe and comfortable inside your combat boots? are taking 20% off their socks inventory so better grab the chance for fresh socks... "We offer 20% off all socks with Discount Code SOCK17.

Evike Summertime: Get Your Game On!

The airsoft summer is officiall on and things are just getting to get more sweaty and hot. We have started missing the Evike TV crazy production as they made some of the most memorable airsoft videos on YouTune, and Matt and crew just came through with another one. Called "It's Summertime!" They want you to get up and don your airsoft gear and take your airsoft guns to the nearest airsoft field.

SB Tactical PDW Pistol Brace Review

The SB Tactical PDW AR15 Pistol Brace, made in cooperation with Maxim Defense, is a 3-position adjustable pistol brace, and allows for more stable shooting with a PDW... "SB Tactical has been on the cutting edge of AR pistol braces and their PDW release is the best yet. I absolutely love this thing on my pistol!"

Toronto Airsoft: WELL MB08 Review

A good option for those who are taking their first steps in trying to be an airsoft sniper, the affordable WELL MB08, which is based on the L96 sniper rifle usually has an initial muzzle velocity of 440fps out the box. Toronto Airsoft give their take on this airsoft sniper rifle... "A detailed look at the ever so popular WELL MB08 L96 style airsoft sniper rifle and why it shoots so low out of the box!"

RebelAxa: ICS Airsoft M.A.R.S. Series

RebelAxa finally posts her video covering the ICS Airsoft M.A.R.S. (Modern Assault Rifle System) that she took during the IWA Outdoor Classis 2017... "Hi guys! I'm so excited to present you the new ICS M.A.R.S series! I am overviewing the 4 models who are coming out soon. This was filmed on the last day of the IWA exhibition so I was really tired and I was doubting to upload it first. But I decided I wanted to share this awesome news with you guys!