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Amped Custom Tippmann IGL Overview

Amped Airsoft got a new custom product they have for the Tippmann M4 HPA-powered airsoft gun... "Matt is in the studio today to announce yet another awesome new Amped Custom product: The Tippmann IGL (Integral Grip Line)! This line gives Tippmann M4 uses added flexibility with their remote line, and as with any Amped Custom HPA product, is built to the highest of standards, right here in Pittsburgh, PA!"

Mach Sakai: Maruzen M11 Ingram GBB

It's a gas blowback machine pistol for Mach Sakai to review this time and it is the Maruzen M11 Ingram GBB. It has full auto and semi shooting mode and a fixed hop-up. It has high quality body paint finish similar to the real M11. Mach Sakai tests it for operation and accuracy in this video.

Laylax Battle Style Lightweight Bandolier

Do you want to have a fighting load but not into chest rigs? You can check this Battle Style Lightweight Bandolier available at Laylax with which you can mount more pouches in the front or back and it has quick release buckle if you want to remove it. With MOLLE loops you can attach other pouches and small packs.

KTW Ithaca M37 Sawn Off Shotgun Review

We get to see the KTW Ithaca M37 Sawn Off Airsoft Shotgun again in this review by Burntwolf Airsoft... "Welcome to Burntwolf Airsoft this week im reviewing my new toy the Ithaca M37 sawn off shot gun by KTW.Im a massive fan of the aliens films and couldnt wait to get hold of a airsoft version of Hicks shotgun although in hindsite i think i got it with the wrong handle!

"How To Grow Your Instagram Account"

If you have an Instagram account dedicated to your airsoft hobby and want to grow the number of followers, here is a video from Callsign Hanna Airsoft telling you how... "Find out how to get more likes, followers and engagement on your Instagram account in this very first episode of How-to by Hanna."

Quick Transitioning Eye Pro Goggles

The eye protection that we want to use that allows a quick transition of the lens to adjust from light to dark conditions and vice versa. Here is a video of such product using LCD technology from the Army News Service... "Maj. Juan F.

Evike: APS Phantom Extremis Mark II

In stock right now at is the APS Phantom Extremis Mark II Electric Blowback Rifle. This has a billet-style aluminium receiver with fully ambidextrous operations and an extended magazine release for larger area for the shooter's fingers. As for the handguard, it features the APS DASH KeyMod and has full length 20mm accessory rail. This features the APS SilverEdge Electric Blowback Gearbox with the quick spring change system.

Product Specials From eHobby Asia

A shorter list of products from eHobby Asia but these are items that are sought after by Airsoft Players as they are unique designs apart from the usual AKs ans ARs that we see. They have in stock the MDT Tac21, LSS Tactical, andPredator Iron Shrike Pistol from King Arms; the Vikhr SR-3 from LCT Airsoft, and the Leatherman CHARGE ALX Multi-Tool. More of these below:

LCT Airsoft LTS KeyMod & LC-3 Videos

Sneak previews of the following products from LCT Airsoft have been posted on YouTube. The first one is the LC-3 AEG which many would know by now is the LCT's airsoft version of the HK G3 rifle and it will be released this summer. The second are KeyMod handguards for their AK series called the LTS KeyMod AEG Series and will be available in 9.5" and 13.5" lengths.

Military1st: Pentagon Aris Tactical Pants

The Pentagon Aris Tac Pants are in stock now at the online store... "Comfortable and practical, Pentagon Aris Tac Pants come with multiple useful pockets, including two expandable cargo pockets with inner sleeves and small front utility pockets on each leg. Moreover, they feature classic jeans cut design, diamond-cut crotch and elasticated tunnel tube waistband for extra freedom of movement and perfect fit.