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Airsoft Chopper Gunner Op. Overwatch 2

Shadow Hounds Airsoft got an airsoft chopper gunner footage during Operation Overwatch 2 organised by Altair Training Solutions in Immokale, Florida... "Dan 'DNC' Monzon did a gun run from a helicopter at OP: Overwatch 2, a MilSim in an abandoned prison in Immokale, FL. Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe!"

Diles46: Sniper School Airsoft Class #001

Diles46's video is about the Class 001 of the airsoft Sniper School watch and learn from the very best, though you don't have to trust our word on that... "When the best airsoft sniper trains the best airsoft sniper class, you know that it ain't no joke, bruthur. Special Thanks to this kidnapped kid, 'Lil P' for his true sniper heart and being the first candidate for my best airsoft sniper school. Best."

Vickers Tactical: The SAKO M92S Rifle

Larry Vickers got another firearm to do a slow motion video with for this episode of Vickers Tactical and it is the civilian version of the Finnish RK 95 TP, the SAKO M92s. The M92S is a 7.62 calibre semi-automatic variant with a fixed buttstock. Check it out in the video to find out which features have been retained for the civilian market.

Airsoft Mike: GBLS DAS M4A1 Unboxing

Airsoft Mike himself receives a review unit of the GBLS DAS M4A1, a premium AEG that is said to be the most realistic AEG when compared to the real steel M4A1. This is the first part of his review... "The $2,500.00 (USD) GBLS DAS LIMITED EDITION M4A1 Blowback AEG.. Possibly a game changer in the Airsoft world! Join me as I unbox and assemble the most expensive AEG I have ever seen and held!

DesertFox Player Spotlight: Swamp Sniper

Jet DesertFox Airsoft features the Ballahack Airsoft's pride, the Swamp Sniper, for his Airsoft Player Spotlight series... "DesertFox Airsoft Player Spotlight on Christopher, the owner of Ballahack Airsoft in Chesapeake, Virginia. Airsoft Sniper Gameplay creator Swamp Sniper welcoming you to join him in his quest to make awesome airsoft sniper videos and have fun while seeking out the best airsoft rifles and gear available!"

British Military Airsoft: Cover & Move Tutorial

New video from British Military Airsoft as they give tactical lessons that you can use for your airsoft games and for this episode it is about cover and movement... "A video covering very basic tactics for utilising cover and move effectively to advance towards your enemy. This is based on the tactics used by the British Military and Police Forces."

Airsoft Atlanta SHOT Show `17 Announcement

If you will be going to the SHOT Show 2017 next week, better be on the look out for Airsoft Atlanta as they will be there as well... "Airsoft Atlanta will be at Shot Show 2017 in Las Vegas this January!  Stay tuned Jan 17-23rd for video reviews and bonus material from this year's trade event.  We have a special surprise for those that won't be there too!"

Airsoftjunkiez At Op Overwatch 2

Airsoftjunkiez were at the Operation Overwatch 2 organised by Altair Training Solutions in Florida, where they had a booth as well as took part as players. They also gaveaway an BAD AJ05 HPA Airsoft Rifle... "We raffled off the new AJ05 designed by Bingo Airsoftworks at #OperationOverwatch2 this weekend. This custom 3D printed airsoft rifle features the event logo on engraved on the side and is one of a kind."

Airsoft Surgeon 5th Championship Tickets

RedWolf Airsof UK have now opened tickets for the Airsoft Surgeon 5th Annual Championships (European Championship), the biggest airsoft practical shooting event in Europe... "The Airsoft Surgeon would like to invite all Practical Airsoft Shooters to participate in the Airsoft Surgeon 5th Annual Championship 2017.

House Gamers On DMR Mega Arms 308

Spartan117gw got a video with the House Gamers going over the PTS Mega Arms MKM .308, a gas blowback DMR. This is based on the .308/AR-10 rifle and it's a big rifle that House Gamers like to use with the bolt giving a good slam forward. Find out more about the rifle in the video below: