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Quantum Mechanics OWB Condition 3 Holster

For those familiar with handgun carry, Condition 3 refers to magazine inserted with the champer empty and the hammer uncocked. Here is with the Quantum Mechanics OWB Condition 3 Carry Quick Tactical Holster for the G17/G22... "The Quantum Mechanics holster was specifically designed to fill a specific role and re-acquire some of the weapon presentation speed that is lost when running a weapon in Condition Three without sacrificing any of the safety.

0'20 Mag: Best Headset For Airsoft?

If you like the topic, turn on the language captions on your player if you have that option as this done in Spanish. Cesar of 0'20 Magazine talks about the best headset for airsoft and takes a look at the following, Z-Tactical, Bowman, Peltor, Sordin, etc. The best is often times the mor expensive one, but for other, it is about getting the most bang for buck.

ASGI: How to Kill a Gun Truck!

Footage from Airsoft GI Uncut of a gameplay where a player is able to take a gun truck out of action... "Unfortunately there is no other POV but basically what happened here was, the camera guy drew fire from the truck by sprinting across open ground which lured the gun truck to his last position where the other player with the explosive charge was waiting and threw it against the side of the vehicle, thus killing it."

Modern Airsoft "TOP GUN" Challenge: Todd

If your callsign is Maverick or Iceman you might want to take up this challenge by Modern Airsoft though you can still try it without having those nice callsigns. They have someone, called Todd, to accept the challenge... "Todd was the first person who did our 'Top Gun' challenge. We salute his brave participation in effort of supporting us to grow sport of Airsoft."

WGC: A+ KJW KC-02 Barrel & Receiver Set

WGC Shop got in stock the new A+ Studio Barrel & Receiver Sets for the KJ Works KC-02. This is an upper receiver with barrel kit CNC machined aluminium construction. The receiver has an integrated top rail and also has an flute outer barrel with a removabke 14x11mm LH thread. Also, the inner barrel and hop packing are included in the package.

Raptor MP-443 Grach GBB Pistol

3D drawings of an MP-433 Grach Gas Blowback Pistol to be made by Taiwan-based Raptor is on Facebook. This is a relatively new pistol design, which is in service in Russia since 2003... "Introducing our new project: MP443 grach gbb pistol . Designed to be better performing and stronger then the rest. For all the Russian gear fans out there. Release date end of November.

Attached rail is sold separately."

Hot New Products At eHobby Asia This Week

The new A.P.S. CAM870 MKII SAI CO2 Shotgun and other hot items are in stock at eHobby Asia this week. As the summer heat continues they remind you of their ongoing sales where you can get 10% off airsoft guns and 15% off accessories. Just click on the links they have below to learn more about these new hot products:

Evike This Is Airsoft Bad Blood 2017

The video that condenses everything that took place in an airsoft event.'s "This Is Airsoft" features Operation Bad Blood 2017, a charity event that took place recently at the EMR field in the East Coast. In cooperation with NYC Airsoft and Moondog Industries, this event has a portion of its proceeds donated to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund).

SilencerCo Osprey 9mm Suppressor

Airsoft Atlanta got in stock a mock Osprey suppressor with CCW thread at their online store... "SilencerCo Osprey 9mm Suppressor - Black CCW faux suppressor for your airsoft gun. A great licensed product for airsoft. CCW threaded for use on 14mm barrels. Fits on pistols and AEGs.

Modify Speed Shooting Contest 2017 Winners

Modify-Tech sent in news about the results of their Shooting Contest during the TWAAA International Camo Fest 2017 in Taipei... "The 2017 MODIFY Shooting Contest drew to a successful close at the Expo Dome, Taipei Expo Park on June 11. MODIFY owes the electrifying mood of the event to the overwhelming enthusiasm of all attendees. The level of difficulty and challenge was raised this year by requiring shooting from the prone position. But everyone rose to the occasion.