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Mach Sakai: S&T Beretta ARX160 AEG

Mach Sakai reviews the S&T Beretta ARX160 AEG that is fully licensed by Umarex and is also retailed under the Umarex/Elite Force brands. In this review, he subjects to an accuracy and performance check through a steel challenge just like he does with other airsoft guns that had reviewed previously.

eHobby Asia: A.P.S. Phantom Extremis AEG

A quick demo by eHobby Asia of the new APS Phantom Extremis AEGs that they have in stock... "APS New Phantom Extremis Rifle (PER) is a future weapon for Airsoft friends. Its appearance looks sci-fi, the design of the body receiver is coming from the idea of a spaceship. We put all the advance features like Ambi switches and button for the players.

Military1st: Pentagon Atlantic Plus Rain Jacket

With this wet, windy, and cold weather, why not grab a Pentagon Atlantic Plus Jacket available at Military1st? Three colours are available... "Pentagon Atlantic Plus Rain Jacket at Military 1st. Comfortable and lightweight Pentagon Atlantic Plus Rain Jacket features durable Nylon Taslon Ripstop shell and warm super fine fleece lining, combined with waterproof and breathable StormTex membrane and taped seams.

Node: Airsoft 360 No Scope Challenge

The guys at at Node Studios got another video up, challenging their mates to an Airsoft 360 No Scope shot. Will you be able to hit the target doing a 360? You can try, but make sure that no one gets hit if the shooter misses the target or pulls the trigger too early when doing the 360.

Airsoftology's CZ 805 Bren 2-Minute Review

More reviews by renowned YouTube celebs on the ASG 805 Bren with Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology doing a 2-minute review... "Airsoftology's Under the Gun Reviews; where in 2 minutes or less we give you all you need to know about an airsoft product.  In this episode, Jonathan tackles the CZ 805 Bren Carbine from ASG... but can he get in everything you need in time?  Watch and find out."

LCT Airsoft RPD AEG At WGC Shop

If you have been looking for the LCT Airsoft RPD AEG, you can visit the WGC Shop online store where they have in stock. This big AEG has full steel stamping including the gear set, with wood handguard, grip and fixed stock, and CNC'd aluminium hop-up chamber. This also comes with a FET, quick spring change feature, and electric winding drum magazine.

Diles46: HK USP Compact Tactical GBB

Working for an airsoft company does have great benefit for one who has an airsoft YouTube Channel. Diles46 gets to show us the various airsoft guns from Elite Force as he now works for them. In this case, he shows the Heckler & Koch USP Compact Tactical GBB Pistol.

Gun Gamers On The ESS AVS Influx Goggles

The Gun Gamers look into the ESS AVS Influx Goggles which comes with a ventilation system to prevent fogging the main enemy of airsofters when wearing eye protection... "This week, E House gives you his thoughts on a set of premium eye protection, and whether or not ESS's Active Ventilation System works as advertised."

Airsoft Atlanta Blowout Clothing Sale

Big discounts can be availed off when you visit Airsoft Atlanta as they are having a Blowout Clothing Sale... "Our blowout clothing sale is pretty popular! Stop by our shop in Atlanta for some incredible deals. Online sales - all sales final. We're running out of stock quickly. 50-75% OFF MAP prices on clothing! (or like 60-90% off MSRP).

We're making room for more airsoft goods to flood our warehouse in lieu of apparel. "

Airsoft Unicorn: Airsoft In The City!

Unicorn Leah checks out The Battlegrounds located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania... "Super cool graffiti-laden airsoft field and entertainment facility located in the middle of the city just outside Pittsburgh, PA. Realistic fields and a fantastic player base make this place is a MUST STOP field for all airsofters."